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40+ ideas for your next home automation project with Arduino Cloud

Home automation has increasingly become a need in our lives. Without even noticing it we have been adding connected elements to our homes and buildings to make our lives easier and nowadays we are surrounded by electronic devices that monitor our environment, control our lighting systems and appliances, and even give us peace of mind […]

Arduino Day Challenge: Submit your project by March 24th for a chance to win some Arduino hardware!

Arduino Day Challenge: Send a video of your most creative, simple and fun maker projects for a change to WIN a treasure trove of Arduino awesomeness! Arduino Day isn’t just Arduino’s birthday. It’s a celebration of the Arduino Community and its achievements. Creativity is the fuel that motivates our users to experiment, build amazing projects, […]

New Portenta Breakout: Maximize the power of the Portenta!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Arduino Portenta Breakout, designed for developing hardware projects, testing, and debugging on Portenta family boards. The Portenta Breakout exploits all the capabilities of the input and outputs, making all high density connectors’ signals individually accessible. The Portenta Breakout reduces development time for industrial grade solution […]