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VersaTouch brings touch localization and force sensing to everyday surfaces

Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand’s Augmented Human Lab are exploring a new way to construct interactive touch surfaces using finger-mounted audio transducers.  VersaTouch — which works on everyday surfaces — uses one or more receivers to measure sound waves emanating from the wearer’s “augmented” fingers, allowing it to calculate their positions […]


Thales, Telstra, Microsoft and Arduino deliver scalable trust for easy-to-deploy IoT Applications

We’ve partnered with Thales, Telstra and Microsoft to pave the way for scalable security for connected IoT devices, by implementing a solution that enables trusted and secure end-to-end communication between device and cloud. The solution enables instant and standardized mutual authentication between a device and a cloud platform via cellular networks, while fully-complying with GSMA […]