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Introvention is a wearable device that can help diagnose movement disorders early

Conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors often present themselves as uncontrollable movements or spasms, especially near the hands. By recognizing when these troubling symptoms appear, earlier treatments can be provided and improve the prognosis for the patient compared to later detection. Nick Bild had the idea to create a small wearable band called “Introvention” […]


This Nano 33 IoT-controlled bicopter uses a pair of rotors to achieve stable flight

The classic helicopter design that everyone is familiar with features a large central rotor that produces lift and a much smaller one towards the back, which prevents the helicopter from spiraling out of control. However, Redditor CCCanyon decided to take inspiration from Boeing’s CH-47 Chinook that leverages a pair of equally sized and offset rotors that work together to […]