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Interactive Engineering Corp. joins Arduino’s System Integrators Partnership Program at the Gold level

Arduino TeamApril 26th, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to Arduino’s System Integrators Partnership Program: Interactive Engineering Corp. (IEC), based in Ohio, is a best-in-class solution provider in engineering and manufacturing, bringing to the table a unique blend of expertise and aligning seamlessly with Arduino’s core values of industrial innovation. Indeed, their philosophy combines technical excellence in design with flexible manufacturing, to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently both in the United States and on a global scale. 

One of IEC’s standout features – as a full-service electronics manufacturer with over 20 years of experience – is their comprehensive range of services. From PCBAs to wire harnesses, sheet metal, assemblies, and LCD displays, they offer everything needed to bring a product to market. Their ability to manufacture in large quantities ensures scalability and reliability for clients across various industries.

As a Gold-level partner, IEC is poised to open up new avenues for accelerated product development in key verticals, leveraging the Arduino Pro range and accessing custom support services driven by our dedication to unlocking new possibilities.

“Joining the System Integrators Partnership Program is an important milestone for us. Until now, most of our partnerships have been in the embedded and board level space, but with Arduino at our side we are ready to grow more into the machine automation field,” commented IEC’s Director of Engineering, Jeremy Nocchi.

Furthermore, the collaborative partnership is based on a shared vision that recognizes the importance of ease-of-use for customers and accessibility, with a strong focus on retrofitting legacy solutions as a way to sustainably embrace innovation. With that in mind, Strategic Partnerships Advisor to Arduino Paul Kaeley spoke for the company: “We extend a warm welcome to IEC and look forward to a fruitful partnership that drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and unlocks endless possibilities for our customers and the industry as a whole”.

The System Integrators Partnership Program by Arduino Pro is an exclusive initiative designed for professionals seeking to implement Arduino technologies in their projects. This program opens up a world of opportunities based on the robust Arduino ecosystem, allowing partners to unlock their full potential in collaboration with us.