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The new Arduino Pro 4G Module and Portenta Mid Carrier expand our ecosystem, and your options!

Arduino TeamApril 9th, 2024

Our team at Embedded World (April 9th-11th in Nuremberg) has announced not one, but two groundbreaking additions to the Arduino Pro range that are ready to elevate your prototyping and connectivity experiences. Say hello to the Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier and the Arduino Pro 4G Module!

Portenta Mid Carrier: maximizing prototyping potential

This ultimate companion to the Portenta boards family is your gateway to seamless prototyping and expanded connectivity, designed to grant you zero hassles and maximum efficiency.

From CAN lines to Ethernet, microSD, USB, camera interfaces, and more, it allows you to effortlessly tap into high-density signals through dedicated headers. Plus, debug pins and the RTC battery backup will simplify your development journey even more.

Compatible with Portenta C33, Portenta H7, and Portenta X8, it adapts to your evolving development needs with ease. Whether you’re delving into machine vision prototyping or testing cellular connectivity, this is the carrier for you. 

Find out more from the dedicated page, or head straight to the store.

Arduino Pro 4G Module: revolutionizing connectivity

Are you ready to revolutionize your connectivity game? Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Portenta family, the Arduino Pro 4G Module comes with a plethora of benefits, ensuring your projects thrive with lightning-fast data throughput and high bandwidths, powered by a robust Cat.4 modem from Quectel. 

Enjoy secure data transfer, long-range global coverage even in the most isolated locations, and cost-efficient flexibility – all in the widely adopted Mini PCIe form factor: from remote maintenance to building safety inspection, the possibilities are endless. 

The full details are available on our website, but you can also jump right to purchase from the Arduino Store!

Embark on your journey of innovation with Arduino’s expanding ecosystem

Our end-to-end ecosystem of hardware, software, and cloud solutions keeps expanding to meet your needs. The Portenta Mid Carrier and Arduino Pro 4G Module are only the latest additions that promise to unlock new realms of creativity and innovation for seasoned developers and passionate hobbyists alike.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into a world of seamless prototyping and unparalleled connectivity today, with the Portenta Mid Carrier and Arduino Pro 4G Module.