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Better you team up if you want to win the game!

Monday, November 2nd, 2015


Team Game is an interactive installation to reflect about video games and controllers made by Caroline Buttet. It runs on an Arduino Uno or Genuino Uno controlling a flex sensor, a custom made potentiometer, and a light sensor with the help of Unity software and Uniduino plugin:

It’s a simple game in which you need to roll a ball from one side to another of the screen. The trick is, you need some custom controllers to play. And you also need 2 partners that will play with you so that you can progress through the 3 levels. Rather than playing against the others, you will have to team up in order to win!

See the game in action described by Caroline: (more…)

Unity3d + Arduino *augmented* pleasure

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I’m following a *very* interesting thread down at Arduino Forum.

[kapser] a.k.a. [Tiuri de Jong] posted a huge step forward towards a Arduino-to-Unity connection (I can’t think of all the possibilities this framework can reach).

This project uses Unity (which uses C# and JavaScript scripting), the Arduino (processing) and/or SerialProxy to connect the Arduino to Unity. Thus allowing custom hardware to be linked to Unity (in real-time).

The link is established in Windows using the Mono implementation of System.IO.Ports.

For Mac/OSX users, I’ve made an implementation that uses SerialProxy because direct serial connection doesn’t work on the mac. The problem is, though, that the SerialProxy implementation doesn’t seem to work either.

Check out Tiuri’s project hosted on google code.

Let’s help debugging de jong’s project now.

I’d like to thank [Caliber Mengsk] as well to follow and post some of his personal code (aside of Tiuri’s one) on the Forum’s thread.

UPDATE:  just wanted to thank [Tiuri] for the english version of the big post thumbnail. We are following his job on Unity & Arduino and looking forward to see new better version of it.

via  [Arduino Forum]