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The 2023 Arduino Open Source Report is out

Alessandro RanellucciJanuary 11th, 2024

New year, new Open Source Report! Lots has happened in 2023 in terms of open-source development, and we’re excited to share our yearly recap of the various contributions from the Arduino team and the community. Together, we have released new, important open-source projects – both hardware and software – as well as published and maintained a staggering number of libraries, growing our shared resources at a record-breaking pace. 

Apparently, we have a history of surpassing our own expectations – and 2023 was no exception. We joined the Zephyr® Project, released five new open-source hardware products, five new versions of the Arduino IDE 2.x, 13 new versions of our command line tools, 12 new official libraries, and 13 versions of the official board packages. We also worked to significantly support MicroPython – releasing a new installer tool and creating a package index.

The Arduino community has clearly shown its love for open source too. During 2023, 1,068 new libraries were added (+20% in one year!) and 101 new versions of community board packages were released. On the content side, 205 new open-source tutorials were published on our new Project Hub

The 2023 Report also includes a ranking of the most active library authors and maintainers, who provide an incredible service to the whole community with their hard work in the name of open source.

Finally, the achievements we are proud to recap in the Arduino Open Source Report would not be possible without you. To all the people who buy original Arduino products, subscribe to Arduino Cloud, or make donations: THANK YOU for supporting us and our efforts in open-source development. 

Let’s get ready for a very open source 2024!

(And if you missed the last yearly report about 2022, go check it out now!)