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Great things come in tiny packages: Get started with Arduino and MicroPython today

In the past, DIY tech enthusiasts faced limitations when it came to creating small and intricate projects. However, the introduction of technologies like MicroPython and tiny microcontroller boards such as the Arduino Nano revolutionized the field. This enabled makers to build genuinely projects like wearables, miniature robotics, and ultra-thin gadgets, ushering in a new era […]

Arduino Nano ESP32 becomes an ultra-low-powered, pocket-sized Linux PC

While many users get them confused, microcontroller development boards and single-board computers are very different things. Single-board computers can run full operating systems, like your desktop PC or laptop does. Microcontroller development boards, like those from Arduino, are usually limited to simpler firmware. But as microcontrollers become more powerful, the line gets blurrier. To prove […]