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Hacking a vintage Star Wars AT-AT toy to walk with Arduino

Dave Stein is a software engineer during the day and a tinkerer in his free time after work. For his first Arduino project, the Maker set out to modify an old AT-AT Walker toy (from the mid-1980s) using an Arduino Uno and an Adafruit servo shield so that it could walk and perform some of the functions as seen in the Star Wars movies. For those unfamiliar […]

Just imagine your ears were like wings

Wing is an interactive installation created by Dmitry Morozov  and commissioned by the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, special for GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution exhibition, 2015. It’s a 2,5-meter wing that can be flapped by visitors thanks to compact dermal myLeaographic sensors (sensors measuring the electrical potential of muscles) installed  behind their ears and connected to an Arduino […]