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Smart Foosball Keeps Score using Arduino Mega

Zoe RomanoMarch 14th, 2016

Thinkers and makers at Handsome created an automated Foosball Scoreboard using an Android tablet and Arduino Mega 2560:

the Arduino is responsible only for detecting a) a goal scored and b) the gate in which it was scored. After a goal is detected the Arduino sends this data to Android tablet.

You can explore the details of the project on this blog, the sketch onĀ Github, and watch the video below:


5 Responses to “Smart Foosball Keeps Score using Arduino Mega”

  1. JasonC0x0D Says:

    I really liked the look of your wiring diagrams. Would you mind sharing how you made them?

  2. brandontermini Says:

    Hey Jason. Sure thing. The development team created the initial mockups. The design team then took them into illustrator and created the ine art. As far as motion everything was produced in after effects.

  3. Blitz-d Says:

    I’ve designed and prototyped a Foosball speedbeam/scoring system. I’ve just about got everything worked out for a kit that installs in under 10 minutes on Tornado style tables.

  4. Blitz-d Says:

    It posts the speed of the shot and updates the score!

  5. Maddy2805 Says:

    @Blitz-d could you please share your work on measuring the speed of the shot. how did you achieve it

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