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Matatino Lets Arduino Connect To Your Mac Apps

[Robotgrrl] shared a super-userful way to import Arduino Data to  Mac applications, with tutorials and examples. We created Matatino, a framework that lets you communicate between your Mac applications and your Arduino, You can follow our tutorials to get started with adding Matatino to your project. To see Matatino in action, check out Meters for Arduino. We […]

Arduino To iPhone Galvanic Skin Sensor

Interesting Workshop at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul led by Anna Dumitriu and Tom Keene with Alex May. The aim of the workshop is building and calibrating  iPhone compatible/connectable Galvanic Skin Response Sensors (GSR) to record subtle changes in emotion. This very personal sensor data will then be shared online. Participants will also collaborate to develop […]

Der Kritzler, An Automatic Scribbling Machine

[Alex Weber] put together a motorized drawing machine painting 2d Vector Graphics on his office’s glasses. An automatic scribbling machine sounds less than useful, admittedly, but it’s really just the style of line created by this motorized drawing machine. It’s reminiscent of ASCII art, in which heavier characters are used to create darker tones; in […]