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Build Your Own Undersea Robot

Davide GombaSeptember 1st, 2011

David Schneider from [IEEEspectrum] tells and shares his DIY Remotely Operated Vehicle undersea, based on two Arduinos

Last year at about this time, crews in the Gulf of Mexico were working feverishly to bring BP’s blown-out oil well under control. Some of the more spectacular parts of that effort, as you may recall, involved the use of remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs. Perhaps you had the same thought as I did—that it would be cool to build one.

And shares all the instructions to build your own [.zip].

via [IEEESpectrum]

2 Responses to “Build Your Own Undersea Robot”

  1. Brian Stott Says:

    The world of Arduino – microcontrollers is such a liberating and freedom producing agent. What an exciting work for the imagination and the creativity of individuals.

    Thanks for your submission – I hope to further inspire my sons for knowledge, exploration, experimentation, growth and making very COOL things!

  2. Davide Gomba Says:

    Thanks-you, Brian.

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