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Arduino To iPhone Galvanic Skin Sensor

Davide GombaSeptember 29th, 2011

Interesting Workshop at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul led by Anna Dumitriu and Tom Keene with Alex May. The aim of the workshop is building and calibrating  iPhone compatible/connectable Galvanic Skin Response Sensors (GSR) to record subtle changes in emotion.

This very personal sensor data will then be shared online. Participants will also collaborate to develop a networked performance intervention to take place at ISEA 2011 that engages with the social benefits and ethical implications of disclosing such personal information as arousal levels within the public realm.

Participants will learn to solder and connect their own GSR sensors, connect them to their iPhones and share their sensor data online. There will be a discussion of the implications of this technology and the increasing issues of privacy as pervasive computing technology is increasingly able to record and reveal personal details. Finally participants will work with the workshop leaders to improvise, plan and rehearse an intervention performance work that will be performed at the end of the second day. This performance may be very subtle and not immediately obvious to any audience members that may be around, again playing with ideas of what we do and do not reveal to those around us.

We want a report!

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  1. Steven Oliveira Says:


    I am working on a project and I want data sent to the Iphone, so Ive built an EMF detector and want to package it so you can see the readings on the iphone, I see you must have sent the data via audio jack, I was thinking maybe the usb port may work too. But any tips on getting this to work would be a life saver!

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