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Matatino Lets Arduino Connect To Your Mac Apps

Davide GombaNovember 8th, 2011

[Robotgrrl] shared a super-userful way to import Arduino Data to  Mac applications, with tutorials and examples.

We created Matatino, a framework that lets you communicate between your Mac applications and your Arduino, You can follow our tutorials to get started with adding Matatino to your project. To see Matatino in action, check out Meters for Arduino. We will be adding more examples, libraries and tutorials for the Android ADK, iOS Redpark Serial Cable, Processing and OpenFrameworks in the future! You can stay informed about updates through RobotGrrl’s blog Apps4Arduino category feed.

via [RobotGrrl/Apps4Arduino]

One Response to “Matatino Lets Arduino Connect To Your Mac Apps”

  1. RobotGrrl Says:

    Wooot! Thanks Davide Gomba! *dances* ^_^

    One thing- Matatino is old news! 😉 We released Wijourno today, which lets you communicate between the Mac (and Arduino) and iOS.

    The best part (about Wijourno) is that you are able to communicate with all devices connected. So you can have your iPad perhaps displaying more information, and use the iPhone as a controller. You’re not tied down to one device, basically, which makes this completely different from other alternatives. 😀

    Anyway, hopefully that clears some things up! I totally can’t wait to see what Apps people will make with Wijourno + Matatino. The code is up on GitHub so people can go and make some awesome things! Code code code!

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