Classifying audio on the GIGA R1 WiFi from purely synthetic data

One of the main difficulties that people encounter when trying to build their edge ML models is gathering a large, yet simultaneously diverse, dataset. Audio models normally require setting up a microphone, capturing long sequences of sounds, and then manually removing bad data from the resulting files. Shakhizat Nurgaliyev’s project, however, eliminates the need for the […]

Improving comfort and energy efficiency in buildings with automated windows and blinds

When dealing with indoor climate controls, there are several variables to consider, such as the outside weather, people’s tolerance to hot or cold temperatures, and the desired level of energy savings. Windows can make this extra challenging, as they let in large amounts of light/heat and can create poorly insulated regions, which is why Jallson Suryo […]

Teaching an Arduino UNO R4-powered robot to navigate obstacles autonomously

The rapid rise of edge AI capabilities on embedded targets has proven that relatively low-resource microcontrollers are capable of some incredible things. And following the recent release of the Arduino UNO R4 with its Renesas RA4M1 processor, the ceiling has gotten even higher as YouTuber Nikodem Bartnik has demonstrated with his lidar-equipped mobile robot. Bartnik’s project started with […]

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