This Arduino device can detect which language is being spoken using tinyML

Although smartphone users have had the ability to quickly translate spoken words into nearly any modern language for years now, this feat has been quite tough to accomplish on small, memory-constrained microcontrollers. In response to this challenge, user Enzo decided to create a proof-of-concept project that demonstrated how an embedded device can determine the language currently being spoken […]

This pocket-sized uses tinyML to analyze a COVID-19 patient’s health conditions

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, being able to quickly determine a person’s current health status is very important. This is why Manivannan S wanted to build his very own COVID Patient Health Assessment Device that could take several data points from various vitals and make a prediction about what they indicate. The pocket-sized system features a Nano […]

Edge Impulse makes TinyML available to millions of Arduino developers

This post is written by Jan Jongboom and Dominic Pajak. Running machine learning (ML) on microcontrollers is one of the most exciting developments of the past years, allowing small battery-powered devices to detect complex motions, recognize sounds, or find anomalies in sensor data. To make building and deploying these models accessible to every embedded developer […]