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Minor Project – Keyboard input, Matrix Display Output

Monday, May 17th, 2010

[Adam] shared with us a nice keyboard-to-matrix project.

Check out for the (long) code after the break.


flex, an interactive wall

Friday, May 14th, 2010

[Matthew]  explained on this blog how he made this interesting interactive wall.

more pics after the break


Life, in colour: The Tinct Lives!

Friday, May 14th, 2010

This project has, for a number of reasons, languished unfinished in a box for two years. Now, with encouragement and help from my friends at and, I’ve finally completed it! In its current incarnation, it is a standalone, full-colour, interactive version of Conway’s Game of Life; with a firmware flash, it can become a monome-compatible USB interface.

features and video after the break.


Arduino 56×8 scrolling LED matrix

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

From Hari:

After several tries, I was able to fit seven 8×8 matrix side-by-side on a breadboard and not have wires crossing over the displays. The key is to put the chips on one side (rather than above or below) the matrices.  You can put another 7 driver chips on the right side and double this to a fourteen 8×8 side-by-side matrix!!!

By customizing the breadboard, I was able to rearrange where the power buses are and use them not for power, but to have a common bus for the eight anode rows shared by all displays.

Considering each display require only 16 wires, I was surprised how much time this took to wire up.  One thing I learned from this project is that I should not be so stubborn in using the correct wire colors.  I ran out of wire of correct length and color and that allowed me to work faster.

more on [AdventuresOfArduinoAndMe]

Tutorial: Reading a 12-Button Keypad

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Nice nifty tutorial (difficulty level = 1) on hooking up a 12 button keypad on your Arduino.

Most keypads like this are wired so it makes it straightforward to figure out what button is being pressed. With 3 columns and 4 rows of buttons, you only need 7 wires. Typically all the buttons in a column are connected together with the same wire, and all the buttons in a row are connected together with the same wire. To determine which button is pressed, you apply a voltage to the wire attached to a column and then check the wires attached to each row to see if current is flowing through any of them. If so, then the switch for a particular button is closed (button pressed). Then you proceed to the next column and try each row again, etc. Not rocket science — just scanning a bunch of switches to see which one is closed. In fact, there is a keypad library in the Arduino Playground that makes it easy to do this.

[Michael] from is using a 10 wires non-standard keyboard. Check-out his code.

Via [nootropicdesign]

Scrolling text on the Dual RG matrix shield

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Very nice implementation of the “Dual RG matrix shield” of WiseDuino‘s IllyClock.

Now you can edit a scrolling text to diaply longer statements. Code ready.


via [WiseDuino]

LEDs invade coffee table crevice (and Code)

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

?Incredible 6144 led table controlled by the Arduino (!!!). With 19 of his 20 I/O pins… check this incredible experimental ikea mod from [Tobis]  (and check the code).

via [Hackaday],  [Ps2Cover], [Tobis Corner]

Super Mario Brothers with an Arduino

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Super Mario Bros on an 8×8 LED matrix from Chloe Fan on Vimeo.

Definetly one of the more interesting “post-vintage” things I have seen around.  Chloe Fan,  a stundent from Carnegie Mellon University practice her knowledge of Arduino and Microcontrollers in this Super Mario related game (I created a simple version of Super Mario Bros using an 8×8 LED matrix (one color), an Arduino Nano, two buttons for the input (forward and jump), and a piezo sensor hooked to a separate Arduino for the theme song.)

Checkout the Vimeo link for code & list of hardware.

And please don’t miss the first comment from Box thor.

via [Vimeo and Make]

Minimal Led Matrix

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Nice minimal RGB Matrix use.
Via [Tony Thompson]Tag Technorati: , ,

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