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Life, in colour: The Tinct Lives!

Davide GombaMay 14th, 2010

This project has, for a number of reasons, languished unfinished in a box for two years. Now, with encouragement and help from my friends at and, I’ve finally completed it! In its current incarnation, it is a standalone, full-colour, interactive version of Conway’s Game of Life; with a firmware flash, it can become a monome-compatible USB interface.

features and video after the break.


  • 8×8 grid of cells with wrapped edges (the bottom “wraps” to the top, and the left to the right, like a game of Asteroids).
  • Each cell is a button, which toggles the current state of that cell.
  • Full-colour – when a cell is born its hue is a mixture of its “parent” cells. As a cell “ages,” its colour evolves over time.
  • Boringness detection – if all cells are dead or if the board position is static, the board will reset to a random starting point. The interval for each condition is independently set.
  • Two analogue inputs (currently not connected).
  • USB port for easy firmware updates.

via [upnotnorth]

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