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Super Mario Brothers with an Arduino

Davide GombaMarch 10th, 2010

Super Mario Bros on an 8×8 LED matrix from Chloe Fan on Vimeo.

Definetly one of the more interesting “post-vintage” things I have seen around.  Chloe Fan,  a stundent from Carnegie Mellon University practice her knowledge of Arduino and Microcontrollers in this Super Mario related game (I created a simple version of Super Mario Bros using an 8×8 LED matrix (one color), an Arduino Nano, two buttons for the input (forward and jump), and a piezo sensor hooked to a separate Arduino for the theme song.)

Checkout the Vimeo link for code & list of hardware.

And please don’t miss the first comment from Box thor.

via [Vimeo and Make]

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  1. Osvaldo Alcala Says:

    What are the notes for the super mario brothers song? i can’t get the right notes.

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