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Arduino Labs opens its “doors”

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Today we open Arduino Labs, a new website we have been working on for a few weeks that will allow us to post documentation about projects we are working on that are not ready to be “official” yet.

We want to have a more open development process within the Arduino project and this is one of the many steps that are getting us there.

Another function of Labs is to bring closer to Arduino a number of projects made by members of the community that we want to make more official and easier to find.

There are a lot of libraries, for example, developed by great people that sometimes are hard to find or the original maintainer stops working on them at some point. With Labs we’ll be able to create a permanent home for those libraries and give space on our gihub for that code.

This is just the beginning but we already have a couple of great projects for you:

Android/Arduino ADK tool for Processing

a set of tools that let you develop Android accessories with Arduino using only the Processing language without having to learn how to program the Android API in Eclipse. We believe this will make it much simpler for people to make use of the power of the Arduino ADK board

Arduino GSM Shield

In the last few months we have been working with the great people at Telefonica I+D in Spain on the design of a GPRS shield for Arduino. We made a few prototypes that have been used in a Hackaton we ran with Telefonica in Spain on the 17 of july. The pages on Labs provide the initial documentation for the prototypes and open the door to more work to be done to make the product ready for everybody.

We hope you appreciate this new tool and please send us feedback or propose projects at

Arduino Store Opens For Beta Testers

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

We are thrilled to announce that as of  today  the official Arduino Store opens to beta testers. This restricted testing phase will be followed by a gradual release to the whole community.

It was quite and effort that required the redesign of our web infrastructure to unify the authentications systems to provide a uniform user experience.

The store is just at its beginning but it is already available in three languages English, Spanish and Italian. More languages will follow soon. It will become a place where to find the best products made by Arduino, its partners and all those companies or individuals who make great Arduino-compatible products.

We wanted to take this chance to reward the people who contribute the most to the Arduino community.

We’ll be starting with the forums. The top 5 contributors to the english forums and 1 member of each non-english forum will receive a 200 USD voucher to spend on the store.

As the test progresses we will be providing more vouchers to other kind of contributors (developers , documentation writers and more).

Stay tuned and thank you for your patience!

Statistics are skyrocketing

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

We are lucky to have been keeping track of our data more or less since we started. After 6 years online we can now show the graphs displaying the evolution of our website from 0 to 750.000 users per month. We are aware network monitoring is an art and that we probably don’t have the best tools to show our numbers, but the values are remarkable anyway. Here the graphs for amount of unique IPs during the last years, as well as the hits/month, where we are about to reach 45.000.000 in total for a 31 days period. The users and hits increased by factor 2x and 3x respectively during the last year.


(cc-sa-nc) 2011 Arduino Team

A deeper analysis of the data shows how it is around March-April every year that the server gets the biggest load and how things stabilize again until September … I wonder how many of our users are students going crazy looking for information on the website during the project implementation phase of their classes.

I should note that there is much more data in our system that I am still digesting. For example, most of Arduino users access out system from a Windows computer (70%), Mac OSX users have a share of 14% while Linux keeps a honorable 11%. The rest goes for all sorts of weird devices that get to browse our site … are there still Symbian phones out there?

As a happy Open Source user, I am proud to announce that FireFox is still going strong as the main browser to visit the site (40%) … let’s see if the latest FF4.0 will get those numbers to improve over the following months.


(cc-sa-nc) 2011 Arduino Team

We are looking for Forum Moderators

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Updating the forum has been one of our best investments so far. The communication flow has increased dramatically (I will post about this soon, including some graphs) but also the need to headhunt community members to give a hand in making the forum and the web the best resource possible for Arduino interested people and related initiatives.

Please take a look at this post:,54857.0.html and put your name at the bottom if you want to become one of our moderators. We will choose people based on their experience and contribution.

From the department of what could possibly go wrong

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Cristian and I (D. Cuartielles) have been working around the clock with the forum migration for the last week. Before we made a lot of  research and migration tests, and believe me when I say a lot I really mean A LOT.

However, no matter how many times you try things out, when the moment of truth comes, Murphy’s Law will make things much more complicated than you thought in the first place. After an 18 hours coding shift and a 3 hours sleep, I came back to my office to go on with the forum migration, and took a chance to read through the overwhelming response to our previous post on the topic. There are lots of comments expressing interest in the choices we have made when it comes to the software, the user status, etc. Let me throw some light on those issues:

  • the forum of choice is SMF, the reason for this is that we wanted to have an open source piece of software we could accommodate to our needs, that we could easily change, database driven, etc
  • the decision of not moving the messages has to do with the fact that there is a complete different way of arranging the contents in the new forum, the old forum will have them there, we have disabled registering to it, and we have disabled posting new topics, however it is still possible answering to open topics by the authors themselves in some threads
  • we have anyway managed to migrate all the topics, user status, amounts of messages, personal messages, etc. We will not roll out all the changes in the new forum, because we found some problems due to the format information was stored in the old forum and the way it is stored in the new one (for those interested it is an ISO vs UTF matter)
  • it is taking over 24 hours to port the forum, the reason for this is that we discovered during our last minute tests that the conversion scripts we had designed were not acting as expected mostly because of the above mentioned difference in encoding formats. We will open today, but we might not bring all the data in at once, just to make sure things act as they should
  • the playground will not be migrated, nor erased, this is a misunderstanding. Everything in the playground will be kept in there and all the users that are registered in the system will have access to edit the contents freely, just like until now. The difference is that you will have one single username and one single password to access both the forum and the playground. It is our aim to improve the service given by that wiki by adding modules that will allow better search, embedding content, etc


Arduino Forum 2011 - Preview

Arduino Forum 2011 - Preview

I saw Cristian showing up online from Italy it is time to continue the work until we are done. Thanks for your patience, the forum will open asap.

Forum Migration Scheduled for Jan 24th

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a new Arduino Community Forum, and it’s about to open.  We’ve been listening to comments and requests you’ve made, and have incorporated several of them:

* The categories have been rearranged and simplified
* We’ve added the ability to post pictures and video from YouTube, Flickr, or Vimeo
* Added better email notifications
* Added a new profile page
* Added a new help page for newcomers
* Added notification pop-ups when login to the forum
* Made the style compliant with the Arduino Look’n’Feel

About Your New Profile

The new Community Forum will include both the discussion forum and the playground. You’ll be able to login to both with one user profile. As we add new features in the future, this profile will apply to them as well, to make your whole experience of the Arduino site easier. You’ll see your login status in the menu bar, and if you’re not a member yet, you can sign up from the menubar as well. Members will be able to post in the forums and edit the playground.  When we open the Arduino Store site in a few weeks, you’ll have the option to register your Arduino boards with your profile too. This optional feature will help us offer better support, by knowing which batch of boards yours comes from, and other manufacturing details.  We want to offer the best support we can for the tools we make.

The new forum and playground will still be open to discussion of Arduino derivatives and offshoots as it always has. We consider those a valuable part of the community.

Your privacy is important to us. The new profile database is more modern and secure than the old one, and the interface uses standard HTTPS transfers so your profiles will happen securely. Most fields will be optional, so you only enter data about yourself that’s it’s useful to you as part of the Arduino community.  We hope this new system will make it possible to manage the community discussion and to support Arduino products better for you.

The Transition

In order to make the transition work well, we’re going to freeze the old forum and start anew with the new one. The old forum will remain open and accessible and searchable as an archive, but its content has not been ported into the new forum. If you have posts or items that you feel should be ported to the new forum, you’re welcome to do so. Having watched the Processing team make a successful forum this way, we felt it was the most effective way to upgrade our own forum.

Here’s how the change will happen:

* On January 24th we will freeze the old forum at 9AM CET/ 3 AM EST, disabling login or posting. The same will happen for the Playground. Both sites will remain browsable, however.
*  We will migrate all the users to the new forum. This should take several hours. Once that’s done, we’ll open the new forum.
* The new forum should open by the end of the day CET on January 24th, assuming a quick and successful migration.
* You will be able to access the new forum with the same login and password you used for the old forum.
* We will keep a team working around the clock for 48 hours to make sure things are working and to fix any problems as they arise

Trying to sell the unsellable

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I am today trying to write a paper for a forthcoming conference thinking about how to make an original contribution to the academic view on prototyping for wearable technology together with my lab team at Malmo University. While looking for references Tony had a nice surprise: he found his FREE ebook for SALE at a Chinese webshop. We called Xun, the only person in our lab that speaks Chinese currently, to find out someone is trying to sell the Open Software FREE pdf for money. You cannot imagine how flattering it actually is finding out your work being given some value this way. Best part? They haven’t even made the effort to translate it … so why paying for it, just go to and get it free of charge.


The Open Softwear Book for sale

I took this screenshot of the book just for you to see. It will probably disappear soon, not that we will try to stop them, but probably the fact they are selling a bunch of O’Reilly titles without permission might be forcing them down somehow (just check the second picture). We have seen a lot of ripoffs of the boards, but at least there someone had to go into a factory and manufacture something, here someone took a free book and tried to sell it for money. This is like picking up the apples from a tree in the public park and selling them two blocks further down the avenue.


some pdfs to Arduino related books

You know what Xun said? I don’t know why people are trying to sell these books this way … you can find all those books at some other pages anyway. I think Xun has been in Sweden for too long ;-) the whole piracy movement might have influenced him a bit.

Rolling out more changes on the web

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

During the incoming days we are going to introduce some more changes to our web. There will be no service interruptions while we modify our blog, to allow users post their own projects -via a moderator-, or when we introduce some small modifications to the Playground’s CSS. However, you should expect some small issues when we implement two main improvements that we are testing these days:

- a forum migration to a new system

- a unified user registration and login service over the whole site

These changes are part of our Fall’10 improvement plan, where we are trying to get an infrastructure that will allow us giving privileges to the users and become forum moderators, blog editors, etc. Also the unified login system should allow you purchasing goods on the forthcoming Arduino Store.

There still no sure date for these operations to happen, but it should be in the following 2 weeks, I like to roll out changes on Saturday night, when the US goes to bed and the EU isn’t awake yet. Anyway this time we might be forced to introduce the changes during weekdays … we’ll see how the schedule develops.

New web design

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

During Massimo’s keynote speech at Maker Faire New York, we have taken the opportunity of stopping our server for some minutes to implement the new layout to the server, but also to clean up some things. I am taking the chance to make a quick summary of everything we have been doing during the last two months:

Pushing the web up


Arduino, Php, Lcds, Xbees: Tactical Texting In Public Spaces

Friday, September 17th, 2010

It’s been quite a long time since I’m following this project. Now [Michael] came to a certain level of stability and shared his thoughts (and codes) for our personal benefit:

While the adventure in working on this project began months ago, I’ve finally sorted through the mess of files I made and put it all together in a nice handy zip folder. Using Arduinos, XBees, LCDs, and PHP, this project was challenging from a technical stand-point, but I think the project is now at a place where it can act as a foundation for a number of other projects I’m hoping to take on.

While the most-recent installation of this project was on view as part of SRSI, I’m already looking at the Arduino-TVOut library dreaming of what to do next.

I have to find some time to read back again all the project.

via [BrockenCityLabs]