Forum Migration Scheduled for Jan 24th

dcuartiellesJanuary 18th, 2011

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a new Arduino Community Forum, and it’s about to open.  We’ve been listening to comments and requests you’ve made, and have incorporated several of them:

* The categories have been rearranged and simplified
* We’ve added the ability to post pictures and video from YouTube, Flickr, or Vimeo
* Added better email notifications
* Added a new profile page
* Added a new help page for newcomers
* Added notification pop-ups when login to the forum
* Made the style compliant with the Arduino Look’n’Feel

About Your New Profile

The new Community Forum will include both the discussion forum and the playground. You’ll be able to login to both with one user profile. As we add new features in the future, this profile will apply to them as well, to make your whole experience of the Arduino site easier. You’ll see your login status in the menu bar, and if you’re not a member yet, you can sign up from the menubar as well. Members will be able to post in the forums and edit the playground.  When we open the Arduino Store site in a few weeks, you’ll have the option to register your Arduino boards with your profile too. This optional feature will help us offer better support, by knowing which batch of boards yours comes from, and other manufacturing details.  We want to offer the best support we can for the tools we make.

The new forum and playground will still be open to discussion of Arduino derivatives and offshoots as it always has. We consider those a valuable part of the community.

Your privacy is important to us. The new profile database is more modern and secure than the old one, and the interface uses standard HTTPS transfers so your profiles will happen securely. Most fields will be optional, so you only enter data about yourself that’s it’s useful to you as part of the Arduino community.  We hope this new system will make it possible to manage the community discussion and to support Arduino products better for you.

The Transition

In order to make the transition work well, we’re going to freeze the old forum and start anew with the new one. The old forum will remain open and accessible and searchable as an archive, but its content has not been ported into the new forum. If you have posts or items that you feel should be ported to the new forum, you’re welcome to do so. Having watched the Processing team make a successful forum this way, we felt it was the most effective way to upgrade our own forum.

Here’s how the change will happen:

* On January 24th we will freeze the old forum at 9AM CET/ 3 AM EST, disabling login or posting. The same will happen for the Playground. Both sites will remain browsable, however.
*  We will migrate all the users to the new forum. This should take several hours. Once that’s done, we’ll open the new forum.
* The new forum should open by the end of the day CET on January 24th, assuming a quick and successful migration.
* You will be able to access the new forum with the same login and password you used for the old forum.
* We will keep a team working around the clock for 48 hours to make sure things are working and to fix any problems as they arise

94 Responses to “Forum Migration Scheduled for Jan 24th”

  1. Ian Tindale Says:

    What time is that in familiar non-proprietary GMT or UTC?

  2. mowcius Says:

    Not thrilled by the no-migration approach – this will make things complex for a few months/a year or so.
    Is migration really so tricky?

    What forum type are we going to then?

  3. Soapy29 Says:

    Awesome!! Now Arduino has there own store!!

  4. Simpson_Jr Says:

    9AM CET is 8AM GMT/UTC, local time can be calculated using

  5. andrea Says:

    phpbb, smf, vbulletin… which is the software of the new forum?

  6. cr0sh Says:

    @mowcius: I have a feeling it might be vBulletin by Jelsoft Enterprises, but that’s just a “gut feeling”.

    My question is whether we’re all going to be “junior members” again…sigh. I don’t care so much about the number, more so than if everyone on the forum is a “newbie”, nobody will know who has been around longer, or who has the most postings (who is most active and helpful), etc – that some real newbies use to determine if the advice they are getting is quality advice from “old timers”.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  7. Sheepdog Says:

    And will the Playground NOT be ported either?

    I would feel very abused if that were the case…. I’ve worked hard on sections of that, thinking I was “building” something….

    Would not be inclined to repeat the work.

  8. newbie Says:

    Heh well…. though im really exited about the new forum the old one wasn’t that bad either lets see what will happen !! ( +1 with cr0sh )

  9. JanD Says:

    I think at least some playground information should be ported like the really good tutorials and libraries.

    On the other hand, if nothing gets ported everything added will be more up to date.

    On the other hand again, things added by members who aren’t active anymore what are still useful will perhaps be forgotten.

    So, I would say: wait some mouths or so and then place links for every thing that has not been redone in the new playground that point to the old playground so nothing gets forgotten.


  10. liudr Says:

    cr0sh, I will simple register as you and have it my way :)
    I really really disliked what the “newer” Processing forum. Bad example. Very different look and feel and …

  11. graynomad Says:

    I can’t see a single new feature that warrants the pain of creating a new forum.

    As far as I can see the current one ain’t broke…and you know what they say about fixing things that ain’t broke.

    Time will tell I suppose.

  12. CrossRoads Says:

    Can I change my user name to Grumpy_Robert :-)
    Flattery and all that …

  13. OSGrill Says:

    Hmmm. So simple to run an import script…. why lose existing content and users? Quite odd.


  14. tkbyd Says:

    You say “We’ve been listening to comments and requests you’ve made”.

    I’m only a “God Member”, but this announcement that this WILL happen is the first I’ve heard of it. A little (more) consultation, or an explanation of why things can’t go on as they are would have left a better taste in the mouth.

    If it ain’t broke- don’t “fix” it.

    I hope decent search facilities will be silver lining for what I anticipate will be a cloud.

  15. robert Says:

    If we all will be newbies again…

    I just can’t wait to write my first “It doesn’t work” post… Ahh, good old times.

  16. Fabio Varesano Says:

    I have a feeling it might be vBulletin by Jelsoft Enterprises, but that’s just a “gut feeling”.

    Well, that would be a pretty bad idea.. vBulletin is a non libre proprietary software. Absolutely a wrong move for an open community like Arduino.

    I’m also against the non porting of the old stuff approach .. I still don’t understand why all these changes are made in “secret” while Arduino has a huge community of people which could help doing such things..

    Personally, I’ve worked on porting DBs between different platforms and I would have been happy to help with this..

  17. Superpelican Says:

    vBulletin, Jelsoft Enterprises? That’ s the same service as the Ubuntu Forum uses!

  18. Myself Says:

    If posts don’t get migrated, I highly doubt I will continue to post and help on the new forums… It’s already hard enough to get users to use the search feature, having to direct them to two different searches…. NOT GUNNA HAPPEN…

    Change your mind guys…. trust us… You will not be happy with the results if you don’t.

  19. John_Ryan Says:

    SMF is completely open source and a way better option than vBulletin.

    Migrating YaBB flat files to SMF mySql would be difficult but not impossible. The off-the-shelf solutions don’t work completely, but they are enough to avoid having to start a forum from scratch.

    Starting from scratch is a really bad idea. People here need to be making intelligent decisions, not quick decisions, so spend a bit more time going over all the options and speak with web developers that are experienced in this field before doing something you’ll likely regret.

  20. Fabio Varesano Says:

    Quote: “SMF is completely open source and a way better option than vBulletin. ”

    Nope. See

  21. Jordi Says:

    I agree with the comments above. I’d port everything, and if that’s not possible, I’d stay with the current forum. I have no complaint about it.

    I just think It might become quite tricky to find a topic if there are two different forums, and besides that, it might be useful to reply to a thread in which a related problem has been discussed and there’s more information about it rather than creating a new post in the new forum.

  22. McVirusS Says:

    I think it’s a really bad decision to not migrate the old topics to the new forum. I hope you will reconsiderate that approach.

    What’s the reason for not migrating the old content?

  23. McVirusS Says:

    Reconsiderate = reconsider

  24. Ross Says:

    “The old forum will remain open and accessible and searchable as an archive, ”

    … not so at the moment. Attempts to access it insist on logging in. Not being registered already, means I am LOCKED OUT! Not happy!

  25. Alessandro Says:

    Goodmorning, i’ d like to register . Where is the link where i can register.

  26. Alessandro Says:

    How can i register to arduino forum ? I’ d like to join with the group to translate from english to italian

  27. Richard Crowley Says:

    HOW DO YOU GET THERE? Every link I try takes me to the OLD forum.

    Granted I am currently in South Africa (vs. at home in Portland Oregon, USA), and I am never quite positive about exactly what time it is. But I thought it was supposed to be open by now (8pm in UTC+2 zone)

  28. Megaionstorm Says:

    Who can i find the url for the new forum ?

  29. Inprogress Says:

    All I hear is complaints-complaints-complaints. Times change, the world changes, forums change.

    I found the forum quite suckky compared to the other 14 forums I frequent. Sure there will be gremlins popping up, lets work through them and enjoy the better forum.

    As for old information I think something like a wiki should be started (the Suzuki DR650SE has a nice one) to capture the kinda info that constantly comes up year after year in a forum.

    But in the end, its a new forum, some will like it, many will hate it, a few might even leave, in the end you can not keep everyone happy.

  30. Håvard Gj Says:

    when will this happen? i can’t see any changes yet and the clock is way past 9…

  31. Richard Crowley Says:

    WHERE IS IT? All the links appear to take me to the OLD forum.

  32. Dimitris Tzortzis Says:

    Is the forum still not up?
    How come I see people logged in? :)

  33. sciguy Says:

    I’d feel bad for grumpy mike if the post count was reset.

    Also, I agree to whoever said it: requiring two searches to find a solution to a problem is not going to work. Maybe a customized google search that includes both forums? Should be easy.

  34. CrossRoads Says:

    What’s the outlook for the new forum opening?

  35. graynomad Says:

    What’s happening guys. 24 hrs now and not a word. At least give is some word about progress.

    “open an email account for you to send your comments, please be patient :-). Both will be announced at the page”


    Meanwhile on the old forum people can still respond to their own threads and are probably wondering why eveyone is ignoring them.

  36. Grumpy Mike Says:

    My son sent me this email with the migration email attached:-

    Dear arduino user,
    Mike Cook (Grumpy Mike) has beaten everyone at the game of ‘Forum’. To this end we are resetting everything and starting again
    Many thanks, Arduino


  37. SamoLaw Says:

    Hi guys,

    What is url of the new forum ??

  38. ManfredH Says:

    vielleicht bin ich der einzige deutschsprechende Forumsteilnehmer, der nicht weiß, wie das neue Forum zu erreichen ist.
    Oder ob es überhaupt schon erreichbar ist, einige aktuelle Kommentare legen die Vermutung nahe, dass das neue Forum noch nicht funktioniert und das alte nicht mehr…

  39. CharlieD Says:

    still not up ??? …. maybe “, assuming a quick and successful migration. ” didn’t happen

  40. Simpson_Jr Says:

    Should we start downloading “wiring” yet ? ;-)

  41. Håvard Gj Says:

    i’m still waiting for the forum upgrade… or is this only a big joke to get the server load down? =P

  42. Ian Tindale Says:

    Try this instead:

  43. robert Says:

    @Ian: looks good, but personally I wouldn’t buy anything that forces me to work with tools only available online. If you shut down or disappear, it turns into a useless piece of hardware.

  44. Ian Tindale Says:

    Now seriously — what are the chances of an embedded prototyping platform’s online facilities ever shutting down or disappearing, eh?

  45. Chris Says:

    So… Any news on the state of the new forum?

  46. retroleft Says:

    “ever shutting down”


    How come no news on new forum update??????????????????????????

  47. joeinbend Says:

    Has the new forum been opened or not? I have not been able to find a link to it, or any other word about its’ status other than this blog posting and comments. I really hope the people behind this decision are going to keep their faithful members up to date. Lack of communication does not build confidence; if something is not going right, it’s okay, most of us are IT Professionals, we know how migration and conversion projects go: not as planned :) Ask yourselves what the worst thing you can do for the business units you have to answer to? Lack of communication is a killer. The forums are arguably the most powerful tool in Arduino development.

  48. robert Says:


  49. newbie Says:

    isn’t is over :( !

  50. liudr Says:

    all this delay gives me time to improve on my project before I post it on the exhibition. it’s an arduino music box interactive art piece. Being a scientist this is my first interactive art piece. All you have to do is to complete your projects and meditate until the new forum is up and running so we can all post like crazies.

  51. mmcp42 Says:

    most odd
    could have sworn I left a reply
    seems I got “moderated”

    only asked how it was going :shrugs:

    I’ll guess “not going well” then

  52. graynomad Says:

    Someone really should turn off the ability to post to your own thread, there’s a sh1t load of new posts that will never be replied to.

    Even better, why not allow posts to existing threads, just not the creation of new ones (if that’s possible).

  53. Ionito Says:

    Is it possible to inform the very BASIC information: the link of the “new” forum?

  54. smeezekitty Says:

    The no port discesion is a very bad idea.
    Now we need to search two forums and deal with endless confusion that will probably takes years to resolve.
    The Arduino team should port the old forum or abort now.

  55. wyager Says:

    Um, where’s the new forum?

  56. CrossRoads Says:

    the old forum is letting us PM to exisitng messages, I have answered a few that way.

  57. CrossRoads Says:

    I have not received any responses back by way of PM, so I don’t if that is actually working…

  58. smeezekitty Says:

    I tried that too and cannot tell if its working.
    I will try to send you one and see if you get it.

  59. Valalvax Says:

    Yea, but what about us poor newbies, we need to be able to ask stupid inane questions… currently I’m waiting on parts to come in actually, I got a shift register and two 555 timers from TI, and… erm something else…

  60. Robin Says:

    Cant register….. please send me an email if you know how to register…

  61. retroleft Says:

    Obviously the Arduino team is having big problems with the bootloader for the new forum.


  62. Apogee Says:

    Seem like the new forum will be hosted on a ethershield…

  63. senso Says:

    So, no news after more than 36h of closed forum..
    Nice action to the community…..

  64. Barak Says:

    We all wait for the new forum, maybe a new arduino? LOL :0

  65. wyager Says:

    I received a PM sent today, but I think it was sent in the morning…

  66. Ade V Says:

    Still no new forum? I presume it’s all gone Pete Tong – so… shouldn’t the old one be re-activated & a post-mortem take place to determine what went wrong & how to fix it next time?

  67. bob Says:

    this is crazy all those posts we can not reply too. what the hell?? all those people and their interests. we can not speak to them.


  68. CrossRoads Says:

    I got your PM smeezekitty, so they appear to be going thru.

  69. CrossRoads Says:

    Looks like things are starting to work!
    Can register new & sign in now

  70. smeezekitty Says:

    The new forum is very slow.
    Also I still think the no migration of topics will be a serious problem.

  71. LC_Data Says:

    Where is the Forum gone ??
    since 24.01. are you still working on Migration
    …or i´m to stupid to find the new entry???

    Information wanted…
    Greetigs from Germany


  72. popsworld Says:

    Well that’s me out of the Arduino world; the new forum is just too cluttered.
    I will just set up my own blog now so Arduino fans can see my work.

    Good look with the new forum.

  73. paksoft Says:

    Hello administrators,
    Can you please check the old forum site? The pages were up and down every three seconds because of “THIS FORUM IS READ-ONLY” banner.

  74. Ross Says:

    Hope someone “in authority” reads this.

    The new banner message on the archived forum pages switches between being one line and then two lines with the result that the screen is constantly shifting up and down when trying to read archived messages.

    Please fix it.



  75. Says:

    I’m sorry for this.
    good luck.

    thanks for commenting

  76. aceisback Says:

    I agree, the one line changing to 2 line message in the old forum is pretty annoying when you are try to read a post or study the code within the post.

    Hope it will be fixed soon…


  77. Ross Says:

    Being sorry is one thing … fixing it is what actually matters … the rest is just talk.

    Does anyone know who SHOULD fix it?



  78. Mike Says:

    Ross, access the old forum via the new forum. Problem solved.
    If you really have to use the old forum, YOU should fix it. You can either increase the width of your browser, increase the resolution of your monitor, or: Use Firefox, install the Firebug add-on, and edit the CSS to your liking.

  79. H Says:

    The old forum is a very important source of information. Having that flashing banner on the top makes it unusable. The culprit should have his/her keyboard removed for at least a month as punishment for not checking what the consequences were.


  80. Ross Says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you … whoever fixed the page jumping.


  81. Says:

    Hi Helliot.
    Do you mean the little header on the top telling the users that there is a new forum?
    Which were the “consequences”?

  82. Says:

    nice joke, by the way.

  83. MAKU Says:

    I cannot get into the new forum. I am signed into the old one ok, buut the new one wont let me. Any options?

  84. Art Kennedy Says:

    I can’t find a way to post on the new forum. Am I missing something??

    So I’ll ask my question here. I’ve checked “Use External Editor” in Preferences but the IDE does not ask where to find my editor and there is no way to actually DO it !! What’s up with this.

    Also I tried to set a file association (in Win 7) with .pde files and does not appear in the choices available. Weird!

  85. Says:

    Hi Art,
    I advice you ro register in Arduino and post this question to the forum.


  86. wizard of oz Says:


    I am very dissapointed that your FAQ / getting started collumn makes no point of the fact that uno boards do not work with os 10.4.11. I looked there first, ordered a board, thinking: wow great. Now I got it, and it seems this problem has been known for over half a year already, after delving through the forum. Please change your official information site, so not even more people have to battle with it. Thank you,

  87. Says:

    I’ll pass this info to the contributors and to the team.
    I apologize,

  88. Sarpdoruk Tahmaz Says:

    I am a new member in arduino community and I need to login to the old forum to see a post to fix my problem, but I cant login with my new account to the old forum. If you can provide an account information which has access to the old forum, it would be appreciated (:


  89. Says:

    hi sarpdoruk.
    you should be able to access the forum.
    Which link do you have to access?

    Thanks for commenting,

  90. Claudio Says:

    Salve a tutti,

    sto usando arduino 0022 ma riscontro un eroore di compilazione quando uso la libreria Keypad.h per gestire tastiere a matrice.
    Il medesimo errore si verifica facendo copia incolla dei vari esempi riportati.
    Grazie Claudio

  91. Davide Gomba Says:

    Ciao Claudio.
    Dovresti aprire un thread sul forum di Arduino, nella sezione software o troubleshooting,2.0.html


  92. Achutha Says:

    how to Interfacing a camera with arm processor?
    i am a beginner and doing an educational project, which contains a camera and a embedded processor. can anybody suggest which processor and camera i can use….??

    can i use lpc1768??

    i think some driver is required…. is it true??

  93. mathy Says:

    hello, I’m studying electronics.

    and I’m planning to make a tester multicable audio. My concern with this project is that I want to use an arduino 328ATMEGA uno.

    And he does not have enough pine analog and digital so I have to use at least four multiplexers, and I do not know how to communicate with each other and put in my source program, a loop that will allow me to read what this is on my pins from my analog multiplexers one by one.

    Thank you kindly help me!

  94. dcuartielles Says:

    When you use multiplexers like e.g. the 4051, you can use the same address pins for all of them and place their outputs into different analog inputs. Then you poll each address on the multiplexers and read all your analog inputs for each address change. This is a very efficient way of doing it. For further questions, please address the Arduino Forum, there is plenty of people that will be happy to help you with their experience.

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