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We are looking for Forum Moderators

dcuartiellesMarch 11th, 2011

Updating the forum has been one of our best investments so far. The communication flow has increased dramatically (I will post about this soon, including some graphs) but also the need to headhunt community members to give a hand in making the forum and the web the best resource possible for Arduino interested people and related initiatives.

Please take a look at this post:,54857.0.html and put your name at the bottom if you want to become one of our moderators. We will choose people based on their experience and contribution.


2 Responses to “We are looking for Forum Moderators”

  1. Uwe Federer Says:

    I can make moderator in the german part of the forum. I speak fluenty german and italian. I use the user uwefed in the german and italian part of the forum. For aministration i think that I usa a diffent user to separate my “personal” aktivity from my ufficial work as moderator.

    Ciao Uwe

  2. Says:

    Ciao Uwe.
    Thanks for commenting. Yuo should apply on the forum:,54857.0.html

    Ciao Davide

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