This weeks ’s Instagram winner hails from Indonesia!

Genuino Day 2016 in Indonesia was organized by the local community, who submitted this winning photo of the group on Instagram. For sharing the pic below, they’ll be receiving a Genuino MKR1000 and a Genuino Mug! Grup Robotika SMK Negeri 2 Babelan at GENUINO DAY 2016 (Jakarta) . . . . . #Arduino #Genuino #ArduinoD16 #GenuinoD16 #ArduinoDay #GenuinoDay #ArduinoCC #MKR1000 #OpenElectronic #ArduinoIndonesia #Jakarta #Indonesia #Makers #DIY […]


Today’s Giveaway winner on Instagram is from Manila!

Here we are today announcing the winner of this week for our Instagram giveaway! Congratulations to from Manila (Philippines) for the following picture taken at Genuino Day with Rizal High School showcasing an Arduino based battle robot: Tagisang Robotics, Salamander.  They win a Genuino MKR1000 and a Genuino Mug! Rizal High School showcasing their Tagisang Robotics entry, Salamander, an Arduino based […]

The giveaway winner on Instagram for April 14th is…

We’re happy to announce the second winner of the Instagram giveaway! Congratulations to Emmanuel Ani from Accra (Ghana) for the following picture taken at Genuino Day organized together with Mark Acquaisie Antwi, Andrew Kattenstroth, Atitsogbui Patrick Keli, Selorm Atsatsa, Humphery Batierah, Akati Micah .  He wins a Genuino MKR1000 and a Genuino Mug! We were so grateful to have Mr. Harun come join us for […]