Opta: Enhanced cybersecurity after HWG Sababa’s testing

Connecting machines and equipment to the internet became easier than ever when we launched the Arduino Opta micro PLC, enabling real-time control, monitoring, predictive maintenance and more – in industries ranging from smart agriculture to large-scale manufacturing to building automation.  Supporting our well-known Arduino sketch programming experience and any of the five IEC 61131-3 PLC standard […]


New Portenta Machine Control library boosts industrial project performance

At Arduino, we’re committed to providing developers with tools that make the coding process smooth and efficient. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the new Arduino_PortentaMachineControl library, an upgraded version designed to replace the deprecated Arduino_MachineControl library. It comes with a number of improvements, from a revamped structure to enhanced documentation, making it easier than […]

The Hardware-Oriented Microprocessor Simulator illustrates the inner workings of microcontrollers

Do you really understand what is happening within the mysterious black packaging of a microcontroller or microprocessor? Most people don’t — we just learn how to use them. That’s because they’re wildly complex circuits combining many different subsystems that are all abstracted away from the view of the user. To help students better understand these integrated circuits […]