Classify nearby annoyances with this sound monitoring device

Soon after a police station opened near his house, Christopher Cooper noticed a substantial increase in the amount of emergency vehicle traffic and their associated noises even though local officials had promised that it would not be disruptive. But rather than write down every occurrence to track the volume of disturbances, he came up with a connected audio-classifying […]

The new Arduino Pro 4G Module and Portenta Mid Carrier expand our ecosystem, and your options!

Our team at Embedded World (April 9th-11th in Nuremberg) has announced not one, but two groundbreaking additions to the Arduino Pro range that are ready to elevate your prototyping and connectivity experiences. Say hello to the Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier and the Arduino Pro 4G Module! Portenta Mid Carrier: maximizing prototyping potential This ultimate companion […]

Introducing the new Arduino PLC Starter Kit: Plug into the future of industrial automation

In a world where industrial automation is rapidly advancing, education often struggles to keep pace.  This disconnect leaves a big gap in practical, industry-relevant skills among graduates.  Addressing this critical need, we’re excited to introduce the Arduino PLC Starter Kit. Powered by the robust Arduino Opta mini PLC and backed by the intuitive Arduino PLC […]