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[#arduinotour] Matera Report, Prossima Puntata: Reggio Emilia

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Ecco un piccolo video report della puntata dell’Arduinotour a Matera (c’é anche un set su Flickr). Questa edizione del tour é stata caratterizzata dalla partecipazione di un ragazzo francese (partito dalla Bretagna e volato per un week-end a Matera – Grande Baptiste!) che ha condiviso con noi la sua esprienza di sviluppatore di open energy monitor, un framework open source per la visualizzazione di consumi online, di cui parleremo presto in una intervista ad hoc. (il blog di Arduino ha trattato precedentemente questa storia, vai al post).

Causa maltempo il workshop é stato ospitato presso le Monacelle, un bed & breakfast poco l’ontano dall’Incubatore, all’interno dei Sassi. Un grazie a Sviluppo Basilicata per il supporto e l’aiuto nell’organizzazione dell’evento.

Per chi si stesse chiedendo quando e dove si farà il prossimo workshop #arduinotour, eccovi serviti: Reggio Emilia a fine gennaio (26-27), presso il neonato Fablab ospitato all’interno dello Spazio Gerra.

Se volete portare l’#arduinotour a casa vostra riempite questo form. Se volete spargere il verbo fate il like sulla pagina dell’arduinotour su facebook.

Workshop on “Physical and Wearable Computing”: projects and outcomes

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Last July 23-27 2012, the workshop on “Physical and Wearable Computing”, organized by SUPSI within the summer school in “Digital Fabrication and Interaction Design”, has took place involving about 20 participants. This workshop has proved to be a very good approach to introduce future makers to the concepts of digital fabrication, prototyping and design of interactive objects.
On the workshop’s homepage, several prototypes and artifacts manufactured during the workshop are presented. Among them, it’s worth to mention Poetry Zoo, a set of laser-cut and RFID-equipped animals that generate poetries, The Sound of a Line, where simple melodies can be performed by using a ball with conductive ink in combination with a special glove, and Superfluo Shoes, a pair of shoes that react based on movement.
The complete list of projects developed during the workshop can be found on its official home page, while a personal view of this experience by Zoe Romano, who has taught at the summer school together with Massimo Banzi, can be found here.

[Via: homepage of the workshop and Zoe Romano's blog]

Arduino Manufacturing and Carbon Neutrality

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Smart Projects, the Italian company that is the manufactures the Arduino Duemilanove, Mega, and Mini,  has signed up with the ZeroImpact/Lifegate project in order  reduce its environmental impact and compensate for the emissions created in manufacturing Arduino boards. The company’s donation to ZeroImpact/Lifegate will go to restore and protect  25 thousand square meters of rainforest in Costa Rica.  This means that for every two Arduino boards manufactured by Smart Projects, one square meter of rainforest will be restored or protected from deforestation. This donation has been in effect from the beginning of production of the Arduino Mega in an effort to make the production of Arduino boards closer to carbon neutral.

Xmas presents – reviewing products

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

I got a whole bunch of Xmas presents this year and I promised myself to take some time to make high quality stuff out of them. Libelium, the Arduino distributor running the Hacking Life contest, sent two pieces of their microSD module, two GPSs, two Solar panels, two GPRS modules, and some other small things.

(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles

(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles

I also got the Mignon Arduino compatible game by the German artist and designer Olaf Val. From the Roboduino guy (Eric) I got a hand soldered servo control board with my name written on it that I will keep close to my heart (I love hand-soldered boards) and from Smartprojects I got the Arduino Color special edition.

I am going to revise each one of those products, post about them here and document some on the Arduino playground. If you are into manufacturing Arduino related products and want a review by one of us in the team, we are open for discussion, we like presents.

Robot platforms using Arduino.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Two exciting robots based on Arduino have recently appeared: the RobotShop Robot Rover Development Platform and Oomlout’s Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB). They’re both all-in-one kits and look like very capable machines. SERB has the advantage of being open-source, with PDF downloads for making your own chassis on a laser cutter or scroll saw (see the instructions on Instructables).

Happy robot-ing!

Geta – the Japanese wooden Sandal

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

The other day we got this article recommended in the developers email list, it is about a way of making a minimal Arduino-based board using an oscillator in the shape of a traditional Japanese Sandal. I may be making up the story, but the google translation of the article is not making things better.

picture (c) 2008 by the author

Bugs running Arduinos

Monday, October 6th, 2008

The guys from Buglabs posted an article where they explain how to connect their box to Arduino. On the picture you can see an Arduino Mini, a USB-Serial converter and one of the Buglab´s devices talking over a USB port.

picture (c) 2008 by Jan Rellermeyer at

It would be fun to try this out by ourselves … if you guys wanna send us out one of your machines, we can publish some nice articles about how to make those two kids talk to each other ;-)

ArduPilot and other Arduino-based DIY Drones projects.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, has a write-up of the ArduPilot autopilot system and other Arduino-related discussions on his DIY Drones blog. The ArduPilot is billed as “the world’s cheapest autopilot”: a $110 system including PCB, GPS, and related components for piloting a hobby plane. DIY Drones is an amazing group creating all kinds of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). And, of course, publishing source code and Eagle files as they do.

Posts that may be of interest to Arduino users include: the BlimpDuino autonomous blimp controller board (and demo video), Arduino vs. Basic Stamp (and Propeller).

We have been (kind of) Slashdotted!!

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Check this article on Slashdot … it is just a brief comment when talking about yet another hardware project based on an ARM platform … but WE HAVE BEEN (KIND OF) SLASHDOTTED!! :-)

RepRap chooses Arduino for future developments.

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

The RepRap project just announced the selection of Arduino for the next stage of their efforts to build a self-replicating rapid prototyping machine. We’re flattered and excited to have Arduino playing a part in such a cool project. Kudos to Zach “Hoeken” Smith for persevering through some mysterious bugs to get this working.

The RepRap site has more details about their Arduino-based electronics system.