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Xmas presents – reviewing products

dcuartiellesFebruary 17th, 2009

I got a whole bunch of Xmas presents this year and I promised myself to take some time to make high quality stuff out of them. Libelium, the Arduino distributor running the Hacking Life contest, sent two pieces of their microSD module, two GPSs, two Solar panels, two GPRS modules, and some other small things.

(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles

(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles

I also got the Mignon Arduino compatible game by the German artist and designer Olaf Val. From the Roboduino guy (Eric) I got a hand soldered servo control board with my name written on it that I will keep close to my heart (I love hand-soldered boards) and from Smartprojects I got the Arduino Color special edition.

I am going to revise each one of those products, post about them here and document some on the Arduino playground. If you are into manufacturing Arduino related products and want a review by one of us in the team, we are open for discussion, we like presents.