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Monitor the pH levels of a hydroponic plant’s water supply with Arduino and tinyML

Many plants are notorious for how picky they are about their environmental conditions. Having the wrong temperature, humidity, soil type, and even elevation can produce devastating effects. But none are perhaps as important and overlooked as water/soil pH, which is a measure of how acidic and/or alkaline the growing medium is. In hydroponics, maintaining optimal […]

VenTTracker is an anomaly detection system for windows to help ensure proper ventilation

Within an industrial setting, being able to determine if and/or when a machine malfunctions is vital to maintaining safety and uptime. This challenge is what prompted a maker who goes by javagoza on element14 to enter into their Design for a Cause 2021 contest with his device, which he calls the VenTTracker. At its heart, the VenTTracker uses an Arduino […]

This low-cost device uses tinyML on Arduino to detect respiratory diseases in pigs

One major drawback to the largescale farming of animals for meat consumption is the tendency for diseases to spread rapidly and decimate the population. This widespread issue is what drove Clinton Oduor to build a tinyML-powered device that can perform precision livestock farming tasks intelligently. His project works by continuously monitoring the noise coming from pigs and makes a […]