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Check your run time on a stretchable electroluminescent stopwatch ‘tattoo’

Arduino TeamNovember 4th, 2019
A stretchable light-emitting device becomes an epidermal stopwatch.
Image: Adapted from ACS Materials Letters 2019

Imagine if your watch wasn’t mounted on your wrist, but was instead integrated into a sort of temporary tattoo on the back of your hand? Such an idea is now one step closer to reality, thanks to new research into alternating-current electroluminescent (ACEL) display technology.

While normally such displays require well over 100VAC to produce sufficient brightness, scientists have worked to get this number down into the 10-35V range, allowing them to be used in much closer proximity to human skin. 

To demonstrate this technology, the team constructed a 4-digit 7-segment display that can be applied to one’s hand, using an Arduino Mega and driver circuitry to turn it into a digital timepiece.

More information can be found in the researchers’ paper published in ACS Materials Letters.

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  2. jokefredev Says:

    Take my money!!!

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