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BubBowl displays in-beverage messages with electrolysis

Arduino TeamNovember 4th, 2019

Ads, notifications, and other messages surround us today, and if you were overwhelmed before, researchers at Ochanomizu University in Tokyo, Japan have figured out how to print text and images in your cup of coffee! This system, dubbed “BubBowl,” uses electrolysis to dynamically generate a dot matrix pattern of 10 x 10 pixels on the surface of beverages.

The Arduino-based device utilizes a series of shift registers to control matrix outputs, along with MOSFETs to handle current through the liquid as it produces tiny amounts of (non-toxic) gas. 

Resolution is good enough to display four characters at once — meaning it can show the time, or even very short messages. The drinks are still consumable after messaging, though touch-sensitive electrodes are implemented to cut off power when imbibing!