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ASPIR is a full-size, Arduino-powered humanoid robot

Arduino TeamNovember 3rd, 2017

Building robots can be difficult, and if you want to construct something humanoid, designing the mechanics alone can be a significant task. ASPIR, which stands just over four feet tall, looks like a great place to start.

John Choi’s 3D-printed robot can move its arms, legs, and head via 33 servo motors, all controlled by an Arduino Mega, along with a servo shield.

The documentation found here is excellent; however, it comes with a warning that this is a very advanced project, taking several months to build along with $2,500 in parts. Even if you’re not willing to make that commitment, it’s worth checking out for inspiration, perhaps parts of the ASPIR could be adapted to your own design!

7 Responses to “ASPIR is a full-size, Arduino-powered humanoid robot”

  1. brainbusters Says:


  2. BorislavLukanov Says:

    Is there a video of how it moves?

  3. redtachyon2098 Says:

    I’m trying to make a 20DOF humanoid.can I use you as a role model,ASPIRE?

  4. BorislavLukanov Says:

    some video would be nice hehe

  5. redtachyon2098 Says:

    sorry.I spelled ASPIR wrong.

  6. JESTASA Says:


  7. kissjofy Says:

    Can anyone share the type of large servos? Unfortunately, I can’t identify it. Thanks!

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