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Manipulate time with this Arduino-controlled LED glove

Arduino TeamNovember 2nd, 2017

While you might not be able to actually manipulate time, this glove by YouTuber “MadGyver” certainly makes it appear that way. His glove, shown in the video below, uses a gigantic LED controlled by an Arduino Nano to allow objects such as a fan, water falling from a shower, and a spinning top to stop, slow down, and even reverse.

The trick is that when the LED’s frequency is aligned with that of the observed moving subject, it lights it up in the same position over and over, making it appear to pause. Frequency is adjusted by rolling one’s hand via an accelerometer, or a potentiometer mounted in the base of the glove can also be used.

If you want to build your own, instructions can be found here and the Arduino code and schematics are available on GitHub.


2 Responses to “Manipulate time with this Arduino-controlled LED glove”

  1. brainbusters Says:

    That is awesome!!!!
    It’s like you have the force or something!

  2. redtachyon2098 Says:

    I once used this trick to slow down falling water drops; but you really pushed it to the limits!

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