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Arduino IDE 1.6.8: what’s new

Martino FacchinMarch 9th, 2016


Today we are happy to release the Arduino IDE 1.6.8 and updated cores for almost all supported platforms (AVR 1.6.10, SAM 1.6.7, Curie 1.0.5).

This new version of Arduino Software adds support for scaling interface for UHD monitors: if the IDE is too small because your display resolution is very high or just because you want it bigger 🙂 now you can set the scaling factor from the preferences panel:


Just uncheck the “Automatic” box, set the magnification to a suitable value and restart the IDE. Below you can see the “before” and “after” screenshot examples:


Another improvement is that the IDE now tries harder to remember the last window position when it’s closed and to restore it when it’s opened again. It’s a small improvement that should save some clicks every time the IDE is opened.

In collaboration with Intel we also released the new core, here are some of the updates:

  • we solved the upload problems encountered by some users on the 101 and we increased general upload speed.
  • the Arduino and Genuino 101 CurieIMU library is now reviewed, more usable and with many examples that show the features of the onboard sensor
  • we included new libraries for the Curie Core: CurieTimerOne: it’s now easier to play with Hardware Timers (for RTC functionality, instead, use CurieTime)
  • CurieEEPROM: use this library to simulate the non-volatile memory available on AVR cores.
  • CurieSoftwareSerial: the Curie version of the library allows you to create serial ports on (almost) any digital pin.

The complete changelog on the Intel core is available here.

We also included some frontend enhancement and improvements and, as usual, we made a lot of bug fixes, adjustments and fresh documentation thanks to the contribution of our community. The complete list of fixes and credits is available here.

Don’t forget to report any issue you find, either on Github or on the Arduino forum: your help is very much appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you are not a tech specialist: every feedback adds value.
Enjoy coding!

9 Responses to “Arduino IDE 1.6.8: what’s new”

  1. hyperscientist Says:

    Haha, so you implemented a way to make the UI even more blurry on hi res screens 😉 Now please please – make it so it’s actually sharp! 🙂

  2. Netoperz Says:

    Sorry guys, i know that scaling (that can be done in OS, and remembering where the window was last time) are very important things, that no one can live without.

    But Maby someone would check why on os x when you disconnect board while serial monitor is open and connected, you have to change the usb port to get it working, and if you have “used” all you need to reboot laptop.

    Also Maby someone will look in to function that will be completing the code ?

    I know that You all are hackers that remember all the code at ones, but i’m just a simple dumb idiot, that have to count markers is it enough of } or not, because i will know that something is wrong when compiling…

    Maby someone would add a button “Update software, or update library” autoupdate on os x is not working.

    Thanks for your work on most important functions like when was my window last time….

  3. chrwei Says:

    @Netoperz: that happens on all OSs and has to do with device/file locking. you must close the serial monitor to release the lock if you want it to get the same port. except the reboot part, that seems like an OSX bug.

    I’m not sure I’d want the serial monitor automatically closing, if something causes the arduino to “go away” I still want to see what was there. maybe disconnect detection could be added and just leave it open though.

  4. wwkiefer Says:

    Perchance you have the editor remember position and size. that would be so so nice…. FYI Microsoft quick basic and Borland pascal editors did it 20+ years ago. Thanks for the great work, remember, it is the little things that annoy the most..

  5. smahadik Says:

    Would like to know that , Arduino Ide lates version does not have support for adafruit boards? especially Adafruit Flora ??

  6. endrius Says:

    Two things will make life and coding easier:
    1) Code autocomplete
    2) Smart highlighting clicked variables / instructions (like in notepad ++ for example)

  7. IZ1USO Says:

    Before installing the new version I would like to be sure that the new libraries are compatible with the previous ones, in order to avoid error messages like “incompatible library etc. ..”. that would require me to reinstall all software.

  8. HenkH Says:

    Mmmmm, to much problems while (Nano) connected to the USB port. I’m reverting back to 1.6.7 🙁

  9. fabfernandes Says:

    Because there is no “auto-complete code function” in the Arduino IDE??? 🙁 🙁 🙁

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