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The next steps of the Arduino Create Betatesting

Alice PintusDecember 2nd, 2015


A few months have passed from the launch of the internal betatesting of Arduino Create. We are finally ready to open up the number of people who can use and experiment with this online platform. Today each betatester currently in the program has received 5 invites to get other Arduino tinkerers on board, we have also added about 100 people who tried the platform during Maker Faires and other events, or expressed interest online.

Most importantly we have a public waiting list for anyone who wants to try Arduino Create before hand and give us feedback.
You can SIGN UP herethe first 100 people will receive an invite right away, we will add the other subscribers as the betatesting unfolds.

What’s new?

The Arduino Create Editor has most of the Arduino Desktop IDE features, it is a fully functional Editor, and you can start developing your projects on it right away. We are really close on having everything delivered in HTTPS, we are working hard to add the Library Manager and support for all the Certified and AtHeart boards. Next in our roadmap is including a Sharing feature and a Chrome OS plugin.
As already said in the past, we are always going to provide our community with a offline solution, so don’t worry 🙂

When you use Arduino Create for the first time you will be prompted to install a plugin (agent). While your Sketchbook and the apps are hosted in the Cloud, the plugin will locally check the USB ports on your computer. The plugin detects if any board has been connected, if you are uploading a sketch, or you are using the Serial Monitor. The Arduino Create agent is open-source, and available for Mac, Windows and Linux! If you find it interesting you can contribute to it or fork it to use it in your projects.

We are currently working on a brand-new tutorial platform, Arduino Create Projects, in collaboration with We are planning to release it at the beginning of 2016. Arduino users will finally have a place where they can share their own projects and include step by step guides, schematics and layout references, pictures, videos, the code they wrote, and useful links and comments. We can’t wait to share it with you all so stay tuned!







11 Responses to “The next steps of the Arduino Create Betatesting”

  1. wmealing Says:

    What license will Arduino Create be licensed under ?

  2. ocdtrekkie Says:

    Can I self-host this? I would hope a company so committed to open hardware isn’t going to be promoting a closed software solution.

  3. adambenz Says:

    Such a refreshing platform. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Create. Congrats!

  4. patgau215 Says:

    This look very cool, I can see more people creating great designs and sharing them with others. Great Work!!

  5. provo Says:

    Take my money!

  6. corpseguy Says:

    I’m more curious as to why after contacting every available email address and Arduino’s social media sites – not a single one has responded. Not even the press department or PR.

    Does Arduino really care that little to respond to an issue of abusive behavior by its forum admins? or does Arduino believe this to be an acceptable way to treat its users and customers?

    Perhaps someone will actually take the time to contact me about the matter?

  7. Thinkerer Says:

    What about a Chrome “desktop” app that doesn’t require a web connection? Counterintuitive but intriguing – cheap Chromebooks plus Arduino would be a great globally accessible platform.

  8. viram1 Says:

    Will there be support for interfacing with the Arduino through the Bluetooth shield? I’m hoping to be able to use this solution for developing on the go with my iPad.

  9. 00alis Says:

    @wmealing @ocdtrekkie
    Arduino Create is a platform made of a variety of modules. Each of them will be released under specific licence, according to the feature set the module offers.

    We have in our roadmap a desktop version of the online IDE, so stay tuned!

    Yep, Bluetooth integration is in our list too!

  10. cloud IDE´s para Arduíno – A Jornada de Tchellita Says:

    […] logo que você faz login no ambiente. Você pode se inscrever e esperar o email-convite aqui e aqui, tem  mais informações sobre a IDE. […]

  11. Jcwhitty2007 Says:

    Will this work on Chrome on Android? It loads OK but I can’t install the plugin for uploading. I program my Yun shield over wifi.

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