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Install Intel Galileo & Edison with the IDE Boards Manager

Federico FissoreApril 9th, 2015

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Intel® Galileo and Edison boards support with the Arduino IDE Boards Manager.

If you’ve already installed the Arduino IDE 1.6.3 (or newer), you are already set!

Just click on menu Tools > Board > Boards Manager to find both Galileo and Edison listed and available for download. Click on one of the list, then click Install. Wait a couple of minutes for the IDE to download and unpack all the needed tools and voilà: Board menu will list the Intel board of your choice.




4 Responses to “Install Intel Galileo & Edison with the IDE Boards Manager”

  1. espinal_juan Says:

    Genial, pero como hago para instalar la versión de Controllino; la cual ha sido anunciada y especificada en Kickstarter, aún no encuentro la forma de ver reflejado ni instalar este paquete, es más reinstale la 1.0.5v y no me permite hallar los archivos.

    Gracias de antemano.

  2. fbitterlich Says:

    El Controllino es un producto de otra empresa; tienes que contactar la empresa por obtener el “Controllino Board Definition File”. Por lo mejor visitar

    (English version: Controllino is a product of another company; you should contact them to get the Borad Definition File. Their website is at .)

  3. wbadry Says:

    May I ask where is the location of Intel Galileo driver? It is not found anymore under Arduino->Hardware->Arduino-> x86 Tools (the folder doesn’t exist anymore)

  4. CommonMan Says:

    Hi, every one….
    can some one please give me some suggesition on how to establish communiction between IntelEdison board and IntelGalileo board.

    reason for that communication is, I would like to make V2Vcommunication between them, so that I can use two boards as two vehicles.

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