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Arduino IDE 1.6.3 released and available for download

Federico FissoreApril 2nd, 2015


A new version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.3) is available at the download page!
The Arduino IDE 1.6.3 is a bug fix release: after having released 1.6.2 with new libraries and cores managers, we received lots of useful feedback and fixed a handful of bugs.

In particular:

  • Fixed some impolite crashes on some Linux distributions
  • Bundled AVR core files are back into hardware folder
  • Fixed “https” links not working on Windows and Mac
  • Added new Arduino Language color highlight
  • Introduced a way to help old cores to work with newer IDEs without having to upgrade their code
  • Advise of duplicate libraries after compiling. Thanks @PaulStoffregen

As usual, the complete list of fixes and credits is available here.

Don’t forget to check out the Library Manager: at the time of writing, 144 libraries are listed, thanks to the contributions of Paul Stoffregen and Adafruit.


Just a quick note on the Arduino Language color coding, we assigned different colors to the three Language categories listed in the Arduino Reference. Structure keywords are green, variables are teal, while functions stays orange. We did a lot of user testing on these new color highlights, and it is helpful for beginners to have a bit more of a visual cue when starting to write code.

Don’t forget to report any issue you find, either on Github or on the Arduino forum: your help is very much appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you are not a tech specialist: every feedback adds value.

Happy hacking!

5 Responses to “Arduino IDE 1.6.3 released and available for download”

  1. lets_arduino Says:

    Why I cannot find the ‘Arduino Due’ in the list of Boards under the Tool menù? Is it normal? There is a way to add its compatibility?

  2. monggo2007 Says:


    Can you guys make the IDE behave like notepad++?

    with the shift + tab combo and the likes.


  3. Federico Fissore Says:

    Due support is not bundled any more. You can install (and upgrade) DUE core using Tools > Board > Boards Manager

  4. lets_arduino Says:

    Grazie Federico. I got it. I’m an electronic engineer and I was wondering if you know how is it possible to look for open vacancy in Arduino. So basically how to work in Arduino, preferable in Italy close to Torino if possible.

    Grazie in anticipo.

  5. levi5885 Says:

    Arduino 1.6.3 installs fine but when i open it it pops up with the splash screen saying initializing packets and loading boards then nothing else happens.

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