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Serenading with Arduino

Priya KuberAugust 30th, 2011

This is for the uber-cool geeks who want to specially set up a pre-dinner concert for their loved ones.

Using an SRF05 and an Arduino Uno get that beautiful musical effect with the perfect smile!

Also get the code from Github, plug it in, load the sketch and play!

via [Michele] and [Larry]

3 Responses to “Serenading with Arduino”

  1. Joan M.D. Says:

    Great!! I made some similar project time ago. Of course, many diferences between them 🙂 in mi project just Arduino and MIDI (No processing or wave samples were used).

    There is the code and the results:

  2. my_mind_ Says:

    Okay, this is cool!
    I had this idea for about two months but I never actually built it!
    Excellent work and perfect result!

  3. Serenading with Arduino / Cooking Hacks Blog Says:

    […] Arduino Blog, Source: […]

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