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Arduino and MIDI: AVbrain’s worklog

Davide GombaSeptember 29th, 2010


Even if you can find many projects using Arduino and MIDI, not many of them are so well described as [zambari] project. The AVbrain controller was developed to stay on top of a complex AudioVisual Hardware scenario.

Found (and supported from day one) on [vjforums], The AVbrain feautures:

– Following MIDI clock
– Recording and playback of 40 note long MIDI sequence
– Sending custom strings of MIDI messages in sync with MIDI clock including:
– CC information to fade video on Edirol V4 (synced to PAL)
– CC information to fade output on Edirol V4 (synced to PAL)
– CC information to fade video layers on Korg Kaptivator (synced to PAL)
– NoteOn data to trigger light flashes via MIDI-DMX converter
– Triggering audio loops on Korg ESX1 so they could be longer than the pattern played on ESX
– Triggering AR and Filter envelopes on Sherman Filterbank
– OneKnob functionality extending Korg ESX1’s ability to only control one part at time. With AV-Brain you could learn a NRPN message, assign it to a knob and use independently of device’s state.
– Fade up or down relative volume of all the channels on ESX1 – Filtering MIDI messages
– All sequencer tracks can be synced to 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 beats
– All sequencer tracks can be re-synced manually and still follow the tempo (to compensate for video delay)

via [vjforums] source [EQ-AV]