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Arduino and MIDI: AVbrain’s worklog

Davide GombaSeptember 29th, 2010


Even if you can find many projects using Arduino and MIDI, not many of them are so well described as [zambari] project. The AVbrain controller was developed to stay on top of a complex AudioVisual Hardware scenario.

Found (and supported from day one) on [vjforums], The AVbrain feautures:

– Following MIDI clock
– Recording and playback of 40 note long MIDI sequence
– Sending custom strings of MIDI messages in sync with MIDI clock including:
– CC information to fade video on Edirol V4 (synced to PAL)
– CC information to fade output on Edirol V4 (synced to PAL)
– CC information to fade video layers on Korg Kaptivator (synced to PAL)
– NoteOn data to trigger light flashes via MIDI-DMX converter
– Triggering audio loops on Korg ESX1 so they could be longer than the pattern played on ESX
– Triggering AR and Filter envelopes on Sherman Filterbank
– OneKnob functionality extending Korg ESX1’s ability to only control one part at time. With AV-Brain you could learn a NRPN message, assign it to a knob and use independently of device’s state.
– Fade up or down relative volume of all the channels on ESX1 – Filtering MIDI messages
– All sequencer tracks can be synced to 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 beats
– All sequencer tracks can be re-synced manually and still follow the tempo (to compensate for video delay)

via [vjforums] source [EQ-AV]


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  1. funlw65 Says:

    Well, I started to visit daily this blog… keep it going and thanks!


  2. mowcius Says:

    funlw65, I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date with it.


  3. funlw65 Says:

    Ok, added on Google Reader but I suggest you to allow only a summary of your article to be send on feed readers… and maybe no images at all…

    This way the reader will come on your blog if that article sound interesting for it.


  4. zordon Says:

    why the hell would you suggest that funlw65

  5. funlw65 Says:

    Well, the same reason you guys did a logo and a trademark 😉


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    hi vasi.

    Besides thanking you for the appreciation you expressed toward these article, I don’t really understand in which way the logo and trademark (of Arduino?) could be linked to our RSS feed.

    I’ll check how to deal with our feed on google reader;

    Thanks for commenting


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