Dinner is Ready

Massimo BanziSeptember 24th, 2010

A few days ago we wrote on our website “We are cooking something new for you”.

Well, dinner is ready…


Saturday 25 September represents the beginning of a new era for Arduino.

During Maker Faire NYC we’re going to unveil to the world a lot of changes happening to the Arduino Project.


Un po’ di tempo fa abbiamo scritto sul nostro sito “stiamo cucinando qualcosa per voi”.

Beh, il pranzo é servito…


Sabato 25 Settembre 2010 rappresenta l’inizio di una nuova era per la scheda Arduino.

Durante la Maker Faire di New York sveleremo i numerosi cambiamenti del Progetto Arduino.

Branding and Communication
Arduino is getting a Logo!! We partnered with the amazing studio ToDo based in Turin, Italy to design a new image for the project. This includes new packaging, new graphic design of the boards themselves, stickers, new template for the website (this is just phase one that will be followed by a more radical redesign later).

ToDo is run by Giorgio Olivero who graduated from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and was part of the small group of students that followed our experimentations with microcontrollers way before we started working on Arduino. He’s a special kind of designer that understands Arduino very well.

We’ve revamped the blog turning it into a repository of cool projects that people are doing with Arduino. The blog now becomes the answer to the classic question “what are people doing with Arduino?”.

Arduino has completed the registration of its trademark in the USA and the rest of the world. This will allow us to better protect us from the people who are misleading the community by pretending to be selling original Arduino products or even representing us in a certain country.

Finally Arduino has acquired its own USB Vendor ID so that our new boards will be clearly identify themselves as Arduino.

Arduino Store
We have received quite a a lot of feedback from people who would like us to have our own Arduino branded webstore.
People have provided a number reasons for this request but one that was quite compelling for us was being a place where one can find products made by all the different members of the Arduino ecosystem, a curated selection of what the Arduino world is making.

We have resisted doing this in the past because we didn’t want to interfere with the sales made by distributors but we feel that now their business is strong on its feet and your added value is quite clear.

It will be open to the public on the 18 of October.

We are launching two new board and announcing some upcoming products.

Arduino Uno

This board will replace the Duemilanove. We decided to be nice to the non-italians and use a name that was simpler to pronounce and write. Uno means one in italian and this board for us is the basic building block of the Arduino product line. We replaced the aging FTDI chipset with a custom made usb-serial converter built with an Atmel ATmega8U2 this provides lower latency and doesn’t require to install any drivers on mac and linux (on windows all you need is a simple .inf file) more advanced users will be able to reprogram the USB chip to make the board show up as a variety of USB devices (Keyboards, Mice, Joysticks, MIDI etc)

ToDo worked their magic also on the board redesigning its graphic language keeping the form factor that has become an industry standard.
We believe this strong branding will better differentiate us from the cloners and let customers identify much better the original product.
Finally these boards are fully CE certified with pending FCC certification.

Arduino Mega 2560

An upgrade for the Arduino Mega which will sport the new Atmel USB chip plus an ATMega2560 processor with twice as much flash memory. We’ve been able to obtain some significant savings due improvements in the production process and better pricing from suppliers that we are happy to pass on to customers. This board will have the same graphic design as the UNO.
At the moment, due to limitations in the GCC compiler only 128k of flash are immediately useable but we’re very close to unlocking the whole memory space.

Tinker Toolkit
We have been working for a few years on this modular system of sensors and actuators. It is a robust system that can function as a teaching or prototyping tool as well as a production ready kit to build permanent installations.
Up until now it has been used exclusively on client projects and sold to institutions like Museums, Universities and Design Studios.
Now we are making it available to to all customers starting from the 18 of october.

Upcoming products

Arduino Ethernet
An Arduino Board with integrated Ethernet interface and micro-sd connector has been in the works for a while.
We have incorporated some of the feedback we got from the last ethernet shield and have created a new bootloader that lets you upload code to the board via TFTP and discover them on the network via a broadcast protocol. This board can be powered over the ethernet cable through an optional PoE power supply module that’s standards compliant.
We’ll demo the board at Maker Faire and it will be available later in the autumn.

There is more but Massimo will tell the full story at Maker Faire NYC on Sunday 26 of September. (the talk will begin at 3pm (EST) and will be streamed live online)




Here is more info about ToDo and what they do:

“We are ToDo: a next-gen design studio based in Italy and founded in 2007.

While designing near-future projects today, we focus on dialogue, exchange and community through the integration of ideas, interactivity and technology.

The outcome is a steady stream of new experiences that question and redefine the relationship between technology, products, services and smart environments for the twenty-first century.

We design for a demographics who have thoroughly integrated digitalness into their lives. We feel at home dealing with identity and strategy in the age of the mobile web, social networks, physical and pervasive computing.

ToDo’s founding partners are Giorgio Olivero, Fabio Cionini, Fabio Franchino, Andrea Clemente. The studio enjoys an international network of design and communication professionals and an ongoing collaboration with Elena Fonti, Andrea Pinchi, Riccardo Mongelluzzo and Carlo Syed. Our projects participated in the Venice Biennale 52nd International Art Exhibition, Arezzowave 2007, Club-Transmediale Berlin 2008, Multiverse and Italic 2.0 exhibitions by the Icograda Design Week 2008.”



Branding e Comunicazione

Arduino ha un Logo!! Abbiamo chiesto aiuto a ToDo, uno studio di Torino che stimiamo particolarmente, per realizzare una nuova immagine del progetto. Questo significa un nuovo packaging, un nuovo progetto grafico delle stesse schede; adesivi, un nuovo template per il sito (per quanto riguarda il sito nei prossimi giorni vedrete la fase 1. In un secondo momento ci sarà un nuovo e più radicale cambiamento).

ToDo é diretto, tra gli altri, da Giorgio Olivero che ha frequentato con profitto l’Interaction Design Institute Ivrea e fa parte di un gruppo di studenti partecipò alle nostre sperimentazioni con i microcontrollori ancora prima che noi iniziassimo a lavorare su Arduino. Lui é un designer che conosce molto bene il valore di Arduino.

Abbiamo riposizionato il Blog facendolo diventare un grosso elenco indicizzato di cosa fa la gente con Arduino. Il Blog ora risponde alla classica domanda:”cosa fa la gente con Arduino?”.

Arduino ha completato la registrazione del trademark negli Stati Uniti e nel resto del mondo. Questo ci permetterà di proteggerci meglio da coloro che confondono gli utenti vendendo prodotti Arduino originali o addirittura rappresentandoci in certi paesi.

Infine, Arduino ha acquistato un suo proprio codice identificativo USB (USB Vendor ID), in questo modo le nuove schede verranno senza problemi identificate come “Arduino”.

Arduino Store

Abbiamo ricevuto – nel tempo – da diverse parti la richiesta di aprire uno store che fosse direttamente tenuto da Arduino. Tra le diverse ragioni una ci ha spinto ad assecondare questa richiesta: quella di trovare un luogo in cui fossero in vendita  tutti quei prodotti realizzati dall’ecosistema Arduino, una curata selezione di quanto il mondo di Arduino stia facendo.

Abbiamo resistito a fare questo passo in passato perché non volevamo interferire con le vendite fatte dai nostri distributori, ma ora i loro proventi si sono stabilizzati e possono caminare sulle loro gambe. Lo store sarà online il 18 di Ottobre.

Stiamo lanciando due nuove schede, ma annunciamo una serie di nuovi prodotti:

Arduino Uno

Questa scheda sostituirà la Duemilanove. Abbiamo deciso che fosse simpatico nei confronti dei non-italiani usare un nome che fosse più semplice da pronunciare e scrivere. La Uno rappresenta il nostro prodotto di punta. Abbiamo rimpiazzato il chip FTDI con un convertitore usb-seriale realizzato con un Atmel ATmega8U2 che garantisce una latenza minore e non richiede installazione di driver su Linux e Mac (su Windows sarà necessario un semplice file *.inf); utenti più avanzati saranno in grado di riprogrammare il chip USB per permettere alla scheda di essere riconosciuta dal computer in una varietà di dispositivi USB (tastiere, mouse, joystick, MIDI, ecc).

ToDo ha lavorato sodo sul re-design grafico della scheda, che mantiene le sue dimensioni form factor diventate ora standard di produzione. Crediamo che un identificazione più forte attraverso il Branding della scheda ci potesse differenziare di più dal mercato dei cloni e permettesse ai clienti di identificare meglio il prodotto originale.

Infine le schede sono marchiate CE e aspettano la conferma dell’FCC.

Arduino Mega 2560

Un upgrade dell’Arduino Mega che ha a bordo il nuovo chip Atmel per la conversione USB-seriale e un processore ATMega2560 che ha il doppio di memoria Flash. Ci é stato possibile ottenere alcuni risparmi significativi nel costo della scheda, dovuti ad un miglioramento del processo produttivo: questo ha significato un migliore prezzo per i distributori e quindi per gli utenti finali. Questa scheda avrà lo stesso progetto grafico della UNO.

Al momento, a causa di limitazioni del compilatore GCC solo 128k di memora Flash sono utilizzabili, ma stiamo per migliorare questo piccolo ostacolo per un’utilizzo più consistente della memoria disponibile.

Tinker Toolkit

Abbiamo lavorato da alcuni anni su questo sistema modulare di sensori e attuatori. E’ un sistema molto stabile che può servire sia come mezzo di insegnamento o di prototipazione che come mezzo di produzione per la realizzazione di installazioni permanenti.  Per ora lo abbiamo utilizzato solo per progetti per clienti e venduto ad istituzioni come Musei, Università e studi di desing.

Ora  lo rendiamo disponibile per tutti i clienti dal 18 di Ottobre.

Upcoming products

Arduino Ethernet
Una scheda Arduino con un’interfaccia Ethernet integrata ed un connettore micro-SD é stata in fase di realizzazione per un po’. Abbiamo messo in atto alcuni feedback ricevuti sull’ultimo Shield Ethernet e abbiamo realizzato un bootloader che permette di uploadare il codice sulla scheda via TFTP e scoprire le schede su una rete attraverso un protocollo di comunicazione.  Questa scheda é alimentabile via rete attraverso una presa opzionale PoE che é Standard Complian.

Faremo una demo della scheda alla Maker Faire. La scheda sarà disponibile più avanti in autunno.

C’é dell’altro, ma Massimo ci racconterà tutta la storia alla Maker Faire di New York Domenica 26 Settembre. Il talk iniziarà alle 3pm EST – alle 21:00 ora italiana, e sarà trasmesso live dal sito di MAKE.




Maggior informazioni su quanto fanno i Todo:

ToDo è uno studio di design di nuova generazione fondato nel 2007.

Progettiamo per una popolazione che respira in digitale: persone che ogni giorno parlano, ascoltano, amano e vivono in un mondo ridefinito dall’emergere del mobile web, dei social network, del physical e pervasive computing.

Sviluppiamo consulenze e strategie digitali di successo con un mix unico di creatività, interazione e tecnologia, senza mai dimenticare le componenti di dialogo, scambio e partecipazione.

Il risultato è un flusso costante di innovazione e di esperienze che interrogano e ridefiniscono la relazione tra tecnologia, prodotti e servizi.

ToDo collabora con un network nazionale ed internazionale di professionisti della comunicazione e del design. Ai soci fondatori Giorgio Olivero, Fabio Cionini, Fabio Franchino e Andrea Clemente, si affianca un team di collaboratori e consulenti che include Elena Fonti, Andrea Pinchi, Riccardo Mongelluzzo e Carlo Syed.

Con i nostri progetti abbiamo partecipato alla 52° Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Venezia, Italiawave 2007, ClubTransmediale 2008, Torino World Design Capital 2008 e alle mostre Multiverse e Italic 2.0 della Icograda Design Week 2008.

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  1. Tobi Says:

    Wow, so let’s enjoy the meal, it’ll be a delicious one. Big Big thanks to the Chefs … Cheers!

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    Great work and congratulations to the design team as well as the ToDo people. Can’t wait to get my hands on a Mega 2560! :)

  4. Herbo Says:

    Any estimates from our knowledgeble readers what of the price of the Tinker Toolkit will be?

  5. Ricky Says:

    Will Arduino Uno still open source?

  6. RobotGrrl Says:

    The Arduino Mega 2560 will be fantabulous for my robot, MANOI! Sounds like you guys have really cooked up some great things! …But where are the cookies??? ;) Om nom nom!

  7. massimo Says:

    thanks for the kind words :)

    @ricky yes Arduino will always be open source, where did we say that it wouldn’t be? :)

    @herbo the pricing will be published on the 18 of October

    @RobotGrrl the cookies are available here http://www.torta900.com/english/balla-patisserie.php (although the cake is really the best)

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    Congratulations! From the package I can see the classic arduino pin spacing is preserved. Let 25th century historians figure out plausible reasons for this. I thought I saw 4 mounting holes! I hope I’m not mistaken.
    Oh, will the arduino IDE be upgraded to 1.0 with the board, with all expected improvements? It’s awesome already but with over 2000 lines in one of my source codes, a split window thing will really help!
    Will the maker faire be on US TV tomorrow?

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    Andy Cavallini, Italy

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    Ditch the packaging and cut the cost of the boards.

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    Good news…

    But wait… 18 October is my birthday…
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    there must have been some DNS errors on your side, I have been monitoring the whole process and the main site has 100% uptime since the launch … actually since February this year, Arduino.cc has been down a total of 5 minutes, and it wasn’t our fault ;-)

    The traffic registered today -Sept. 25th 2010- hasn’t been dramatic in anyway. On Friday (yesterday) the traffic was just 2GB over average, reaching 10GB of pure html traffic. This means, the announcement has generated quite an interest, but not enough to turn the site down. We need a coupe of GBs more in a day before our service starts suffering.

    Anyway, thanks for the report, we appreciate any help that will help us maintaining the best service possible for the community!


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    Best regards

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    Great work guys, I will work on getting these new Arduino boards into Australia. The Ethernet board is long awaited and will be a great hit!

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    I do not think anybody has asked (or even noticed) yet, but I wonder what the new 6 pin header is on the upper left-hand of the Uno (lower-right on the picture)? There is already the 6 pin ICSP header in the standard location. Cannot wait!

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    [...]We replaced the aging FTDI chipset with a custom made usb-serial converter built with an Atmel ATmega8U2[...]

    Maybe they are the ICSP of the ATmega8U2 ;)

  58. dcuartielles Says:

    fixed, thanks … I also took the chance to fix the CET time for the talk in NYC, I happen to think it’s 7 hours difference, but it is just 6!!


  59. electronichobby Says:

    Closed (ouch) or Open Hardware new Uno’s ?
    Is this the unfortunate beginning of closed hardware, USB Vendor-ID locked, now only partially “open hardware, open source”, and controlled sale boards?
    How truly open hardware and open source is this new USB mcu and USB VID/PID setup? The new USB corner of the board looks like it *could* be deliberately made to be a difficult to get, proprietary, closed system. Plus cheaper so as to double lock-out the marketplace too.
    My hope and guess is that our treasured open hardware and open source values are still preserved here and we needn’t worry, but these thoughts are there when looking at the new boards.
    If the source and new USB VID/PID, or PID’s are not going to be available to anyone at no charge and work without hacked IDE files at least, it’s going to be a big problem to many in the community developing Arduino-compatible boards and all kinds of special derivatives. Trying to think positive thoughts for now.

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    You say…

    “There is more but Massimo will tell the full story at Maker Faire NYC on Sunday 26 of September. (the talk will begin at 3pm (EST) and will be streamed live online)”

    But do not provide details of where to view it.

  64. Peter Says:

    Hi Massimo

    How will the new trademarking of the Arduino name effect websites like ours which are trying to promote the Arduino and gather the community in our country together.

    We are not attempting to pretend to be representing Arduino just merely providing a platform, which based upon the stats has driven sales of the Arduino. The running of the site has been done in such away to be fair not promote any one business.

    Must the website name be changed? Or what. Looking forward to hearing your input on this…


  65. Giulio Valentino Says:


  66. Kelvin Says:

    Live stream is at http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/09/live_streaming_from_world_maker_fai.html but it’s currently showing demo stage not the presentations/announcements

  67. funlw65 Says:

    Clean theme… It was about time for Arduino to have an active blog.


  68. Kelvin Says:

    “Tom Igoe from ITP and the Arduino team talks about the Arduino Uno” – recording from last night at http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/09/tom_igoe_from_itp_and_the_arduino_t.html

  69. nastia Says:

    In my opinion there is no need for the new product packaging. It seems like it is an unnecessary expense that will ultimately be passed down to the developer.

    I really like the new logo and PCB screening and appreciate that change.

  70. Clement S Says:

    I am very excited about the ability to have the device report as a standard usb device rather than a Com port. I think this will really unleash some of the potential that has been locked up.

  71. Dean Says:

    How does it not use a driver? If you need an inf file, don’t you have to specify some sort of a driver? Is it just using a standard Windows driver? Which one?

  72. John Bokma Says:

    I have been considering buying an Arduino for quite some time, and finally might do so. Especially the Arduino Ethernet sounds good to me.

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    Awesome news. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m really looking forward to using the new Arduinos and can’t wait to try the sensor kit!

    Great stuff.

  75. Ricardo Says:

    @electronichobby: read the post again. it’s open and reprogrammable.

  76. jab Says:

    @Clement S: Looking at the data for the UNO, it seems they have just replaced the FTDI USB to serial converter with an Atmel chip programmed to do the same job. The main chip (328p) is still connected to the new USB interface using serial UART, severely limiting upload speed and possibilities. To use the new USB interface for anything other then uploading sketches, you will have to reprogram the USB chip with your own code that acts as an USB data parser using UART to talk to the main chip.

  77. Alex Dirk Says:

    Looks like the new Arduino UNO is based on RiDuino/ARP concept of using Atmega at USB to Serial :) .

    Riduino was released 1 year back :)


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  85. New boards announced, and more Says:

    [...] The most interesting announcements: [...]

  86. Daniel Says:


  87. Arduino Ethernet | hotzone.org.uk Says:

    [...] in the month, in a post on the arduino blog “Dinners Ready” more information about an ethernet arduino came to light. An Arduino Board with integrated Ethernet [...]

  88. Robbert Monna Says:

    I received the Unu with a Sensor Shield and four analog sensors. Very cool. “we love open source”. Now I just have to do some calibration, serial programming at the pc and maybe even later on put some fancy digital interfaces on top of the Sensor Shield.. It’s shieldwise compatible with the Duemilanova. This new serial interface (ACM) is convenient.

  89. Steve Winton Says:

    Is the Arduino store open for business? I’d love to get my hands on one of those Tinker Toolkits you mention! :)

  90. dcuartielles Says:


    soon :-)

    really soon


  91. Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Arduino Uno as Joystick Says:

    [...] Massimo posted some time ago, Arduino Uno has some radical improvements compairing to the previous Arduino boards: We replaced [...]

  92. Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Arduino Uno as Joystick Says:

    [...] Massimo posted some time ago, Arduino Uno has some radical improvements compairing to the previous Arduino boards: We replaced [...]

  93. John Says:

    What is up with the tinker toolkit?

  94. David Says:

    Any updates on when the “Arduino Ethernet” will be available?

  95. Michele Says:

    Hello news about “Arduino Ethernet”, “web shop”, “toolkit” ?

  96. Michele Says:

    “Arduino Ethernet”
    “tinker toolkit”
    please please please

  97. neophob.com » Arduino Serial latency Says:

    [...] – but not for Mac OSX. The new Arduino UNO should have better latency times, accoring to the Arduino Website: …We replaced the aging FTDI chipset with a custom made usb-serial converter built with an [...]

  98. alex nguyen Says:

    i just ordered me an uno. can’t wait! you guys are making awesome progress.

    i <3 you arduino.

  99. Michele Says:

    “Arduino Ethernet”
    “tinker toolkit”
    please please please

  100. Jakub Says:

    “Arduino Ethernet” – where is it, I’m dying for it :o)

  101. Hansel Dsilva Says:

    I shall be purchasing mine first programming board.
    Please advice me whether i should go arduino uno or mega2560.
    I want to go for mega2560 but i am scared as i believe if the mega 2560 microcontroller gets burned due to wrong connections then it wouldn’t be easy to replace the microcontroller. In case of the uno, its microcontroller is easily replacable.

    Please advice me what to do!!!!—-im totally confused!!!!

  102. d.gomba@arduino.cc Says:

    Hi Hansel.
    I advice you to buy the Base Workshop with Arduino UNO, it’s a good way to start.

    thanks for commenting,

  103. Marco Benvegnu Says:

    Grazie per le ottime info, di solito non faccio commenti, ma l’articolo in questo caso è un ottimo lavoro.

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