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Arduino and LabVIEW

Davide GombaSeptember 29th, 2010


Yet another industry-level program with it’s own (quick, but useful) tutorial to import Arduino data:

This is a quick (REALLY quick) writeup on establishing a connection between the Arduino Duemilanove and LabVIEW.  I used a very simple setup where the Arduino would send its data via serial, and the listening LabVIEW would ‘hear’ it and plot it to a waveform chart.  To achieve 2-way communication, the Arduino would listen for a command at the beginning of each iteration.  If a command was heard, it would react by turning an LED on or off, depending on the command received.  If nothing was heard, then it would continue on through the analogRead() cycle to measure the drop across the potentiometer.  The method is inefficient and barbaric, but my intent was proof-in-concept.  The concept may be improved upon to increase reliability and efficiency, but I have not had the time to do so.

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5 Responses to “Arduino and LabVIEW”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Nice to see this.

    Actually I have 5 Arduino Mega 1280 conected with labview.

    In a complex system, that controls chemical reactions.

    I’ve made a protocol for them all to communicate with labview and it’s quite easy to do.
    For instance:
    -One of the arduinos controls PH, measure and control of two peristaltic pumps (through rs485), one for the addition of Base and other for the addition of Acid.
    -Another controls the addition of a solvent, it uses a balance (through rs232) to read the net of the liquid and to control another peristaltic pump (through rs485), to dispense the right amount and at a specific rate (PID control)
    -Another, is similar to the second but controls a pneumatic valve.
    -The other two control the addition of solids with a dispenser (connected through rs485) and the net is measured from a load cell (analog value), also PID control.

    All of the arduinos are connected with a labview program that defines set points and flows, and show in the screen the state of everything.
    Note: I have all the arduinos connected through RS232 to the computer (not through the USB Port)

    I hope to see more people interfacing Arduino with Labview.

  2. Says:

    hi Manuel.
    Did you posted such an interesting setup somewhere on the net?
    Can you send the project? It would be wonderful to make another blog post with a more deep approach in interfacing so many different things.

    Thanks for commenting


  3. Alessandro Says:

    Hi Manuel i used Arduino and LabVIEW at least in 5-6 project in the past year.
    I’m a LabVIEW developer since 12 years so is natural for me use it 😉
    This is an example a led wall based on arduino as controllers and shiftbrite as light and labview as master controller, custom communication protocol here very hast to make fast and let’s say “real-time”
    This is other one the picture on topo of the page.
    Basically i made a lot of different project involving xBee to build remote counter\visulizer\controller and so on. All the net is controlled by a PC running LabVIEW sw in this case i use custom firmata on arduino and star to build a firmata host as LabVIEW VI’s and also i wrote different VI’s to implement xBee control protocol. A lot of fun 😉

  4. nelut88 Says:

    HI! I use Arduino Duemilianove. I want to vizualization values of the ADXl202 sensor on PC in LabView. somebody can help me?Contact me pls at Thank u!!!

  5. Says:

    This is not the place to make such a question: you’d better ask to the Arduino Forum for this.
    BTW, I was told NI released a software toolkit for Arduino.

    Ciao Davide

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