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The 2022 Arduino Open Source Report is out

Alessandro RanellucciJanuary 20th, 2023
Arduino Open Source Report 2022

In our last annual report we described 2021 as one of the busiest and most productive years in Arduino history in terms of open source development (if you missed that report, go read it now as it contains so many nice things). Well, we didn’t rest in 2022 either!

The Arduino team has been busy releasing new important open source projects, both hardware and software, while the community continues to release and maintain libraries at an incredible pace.

Just to name one big release, the IDE 2 was launched a few months ago. For Arduino, such an incredibly complex project has been a massive investment in financial terms and we are proud of the very positive reception by the users and the active participation of contributors. There’s a healthy community and this can also be seen from many indicators that are not in this report, including participation in the Arduino Day yearly celebration as well as the forum activity and much more.

The report highlights the main achievements of our open source community. Among those, in 2022 we had three new open source hardware products, the new Lab for MicroPython, the language discussion space, 1,042 new libraries (+25% in one year), 421 new open source tutorials on Project Hub, 84 new releases of Arduino cores, and the ranking of the most active library maintainers.

All this is made possible by people who buy original Arduino products, subscribe to the Arduino Cloud, and/or make donations: THANK YOU for supporting us and our efforts in open source development. There’s a lot to do in 2023!

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