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Get connected to your Nano with the Screw Terminal Adapter

Arduino TeamJuly 19th, 2022

The brand new Nano Screw Terminal Adapter turns up the speed on your prototyping efforts by giving you a fast, reliable way to hook up your boards. This awesome add-on is exactly what seasoned makers have been crying out for, and is now available from the Arduino Store.

Let’s take a look at this mini mechanical marvel.

A solderless solution

With a finished project, you’re likely to make permanent connections to your Nano by soldering it. Even if you’re connecting it using a header strip, the wires, components, sensors and accessories will be soldered, crimped or attached in a permanent way to the controller side of your project. It makes perfect sense to do this, when you’re looking for a reliable connection.

The trouble with permanent connections like this is that they’re… well, permanent! Soldering and de-soldering during the design and prototyping stage can become a real chore. And it’s not good for the components or the board itself, either.

The Screw Terminal Adapter is what you need. It’s something we’ve been asked for a lot, giving people a way to make robust, fast, easy connections that can be changed just as easily.

Easy access to all I/Os

The Nano Screw Terminal Adapter features a double row of headers. The Nano drops into the two inner rows, giving you a second, outer set that lets you connecting using jumpers, wires or what have you.

Then you have a third row of connectors on either side of the adapter with a screw terminal for each pin. The perfect way to connect wires or components in a reliable, but easily changeable way. It’s never been easier to develop and design a project that with these connection options.

There’s even a 9×8 prototyping area with through plated holes for adding extra components, connections or accessories.

Of course, this doesn’t have to only be for prototyping. The screw terminal is a long-established, trusted connection option, so there’s no reason it can’t become a permanent fixture in your project. That’s totally up to you, and is quintessentially what this board is all about; giving you lots of reliable options.

Get connected

We can really see this becoming an essential part of any Ardunino lover’s or maker’s tool kit. That’s why they come in packs of three. Once you’ve used one, you’ll realize how vital they are. Being able to assemble, test, change and reassemble a project with the adapter is a time saving, labor saving gift.

You can also pick them up bundled with your favorite Nano board, in which case you get one adapter and one board. A perfect prototyping partnership.

The Nano Screw Terminal Adapter is now available in stock to purchase on the Arduino Store and will be available from our global network of reseller partners in the forthcoming days.

Check it out, and tell us what you think!