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The Explore IoT Kit gets a mini-makeover

Arduino TeamAugust 3rd, 2021

A year after the Arduino Education Explore IoT Kit launched globally, we’ve been improving the content of the kit and have made a few tweaks and upgrades!

Since launch, we’ve been working with educators around the world on how we can make the kit even better (because everything can be better, right?) and the invaluable feedback they’ve given us has led to the following updates:

– An introduction to the tools
– Software IDE
– Web editor
– Libraries
– IoT Cloud
– Troubleshooting

  • Simpler sign-in functionality
  • Explanations of the benefits of teaching the Internet of Things to high school students right now

We’ve also dived deeper into how the Explore IoT Kit can help students get career-ready, with new examples and illustrations that show how the kit helps develop the future skills the world will need, especially in the IT sector.

Innovate, create, transform: Take your first steps in building internet-connected objects and explore the Internet of Things with Arduino Education.