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Arduino 1.8.11 has been released

Arduino TeamJanuary 27th, 2020

We’re excited to announce that Arduino IDE 1.8.11 is here!

In addition to the usual load of bugfixes and small improvements under the hood, the latest version includes:

  • Improved support for Mac OS X (the app is now notarized and strictly follows the latest OS X recommended security guidelines)
  • A “send text” command within the serial plotter (so you can interact with the board while plotting data!)
  • Better sketch build time
  • Updated AVR core and WiFi firmware

As always, we must thank our amazing community for their incredible support and contributions. The complete list of changes and contributors can be found in the full changelog.

3 Responses to “Arduino 1.8.11 has been released”

  1. harpreet_singh Says:

    very nice, Thanks

  2. madmick Says:

    Except for the fact that 1.8.11 is broken, this is good news.
    People using a raspberry pi can’t use 1.8.11 because it is broken, but the good news is that 1.8.10 still works Ok.
    This is not widely known, and it took me several hours of googling to finally find out the facts. Something to do with java ssl certificates, prevents the board or library managers connecting to the internet.

    This should be mentioned on the download page to save other people wasting their time trying to figure it out.

  3. ve3wmb Says:

    My IDE got upgraded to 1.8.11 without me realizing it and when I went to open a .INO file this
    morning my anti-virus (Avast free) flagged the new IDE as being infected with a virus
    (sorry I didn’t note the details). I promptly uninstalled 1.8.11 and I am currently using an older version.
    Has anyone else had their anti-virus software on Windows flag v1.8.11 of the IDE as being infected ?
    BTW, it looks like my original install was from the Windows Store, if that makes any difference.

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