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Monitor your home with this Nano 33 IoT-based system

Arduino TeamJanuary 20th, 2020

Using an Arduino Nano 33 IoT, Jithin Sanal designed a home monitoring system capable of detecting noxious gases with an MQ2 sensor as well as sensing temperature, pressure, humidity, and ambient light via a BME280 sensor and an LDR. All of this is mounted onto a custom PCB that’s powered by a 9V battery, or one could also use a 9-12V adapter if more convenient.

Data is passed on to Ubidots over WiFi, which provides a configurable dashboard for viewing the readings anywhere in the world. The system can also send notifications via SMS, email, or Telegram to let you know if anything is awry.


3 Responses to “Monitor your home with this Nano 33 IoT-based system”

  1. baqwas Says:

    Nice work, Jithin. What software did you use to create the schematic?

    Kind regards.

  2. Dr_Quark Says:

    Love it. I just finished a Nano33 interface, with 19 Properties, to my home lighting systems. Next step is to replace the thermostats with Arduinos so I can remotely monitor and control the house temperature. My only concern is latency due to the time it takes to poll the Dallas D18B20 sensors and associated serial messaging across the house.

    Coding the Nano33 using the IOT editor was amazingly easy, except as a beta offering, the documentation is a little lacking when you try to track down the functions for getting and setting variables in the cloud.

  3. pukkaz2k17 Says:

    That’s pointless less you away for long time and if you need this then your home must be unsafe ??? be better just air quality monitoring

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