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Automate your door latch with a simple app-controlled system

Arduino TeamJanuary 20th, 2020

Adnan.R.Khan recently decided to give his room’s sliding door latch an upgrade by designing a mechanism to open and close it, using little more than an Arduino Uno and Bluetooth module. 

His automated device is operated via a smartphone app written in MIT App Inventor, and it employs a shield to control a small DC motor. The motor then pulls a cable wrapped around two pulleys in order to move the simple barrel latch in or out.

It’s an amazing display of what can be done with parts at hand and basic tools, and could certainly inspire other home security hacks. Be sure to check out the build process and the setup in action below! 


One Response to “Automate your door latch with a simple app-controlled system”

  1. squaremind Says:

    It’s a great idea. Thanks for video)))

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