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Build your own tracking and GoTo mount for DSLR astrophotography

Arduino TeamDecember 18th, 2019

Astrophotography can be challenging, in a large part because your subject matter — or your base, the Earth rather — is constantly moving. In order to take excellent long exposures of far-off objects, Redditor intercipere came up with a beautiful 3D-printable, star-following mount that holds and rotates a DSLR camera.

Now intercipere can simply input the RA/DEC coordinates and the device will automatically move to a desired target in the sky.

Motion is handled by an Arduino Uno and two small stepper motors, with a 16×2 LCD shield user interface. The rig is capable of tracking for at least four minutes, producing this photo of the Andromeda galaxy with a cheapo lens from a heavy light polluted area.


4 Responses to “Build your own tracking and GoTo mount for DSLR astrophotography”

  1. bneedhamia Says:

    I may be missing something, but where is the link to the project? As far as I can tell, the link here goes to a Reddit page that’s just a progress report and a pile of “I’d like to try this out” comments.

    Cool concept!

  2. vonexus Says:

    Agree with previous comment – what benefit does this post have? There is no project or sketches or blueprints, nothing other than “used an Uno”. This just adds more questions of “how do you do it?” which is a serious customer feedback problem in our community for those interested in learning more.

  3. asmales Says:

    One of the comments from Reddit: “I printed the barn door tracker from Thingiverse, but I am making some modifications to it, mainly, by using a raspberry pi instead of an Arduino because it will both be connected to the tracker and my camera.”

    Personally, I’m more interested in this version – I really want to build this.
    Please post the links!

    Thanks in Advance.

  4. Osei Says:

    My community has a special problem of tracking recalcetrant illegal gold miners. Can I get more appropriate and affordable DIY design with components for optical / optronic director for targeting moving recalcetrant during community patrols.

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