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This machine creates images using Skittles as pixels

Arduino TeamJuly 9th, 2019

Skittles candies come in various vibrant colors. While they may be a tasty treat, JohnO3 had another idea: to create an amazing automated display for the little circles. 

His device, dubbed the “Skittle Pixel8r,” uses an Arduino Mega to pull a dispensing funnel between one of 46 channels, covered on one side with a piece of glass.

On top of the shuttle mechanism, eight boxes release the correct flavor/color into an intermediate tube via individual metal gear servos. The Arduino then commands the linear axis to move the funnel to the appropriate bin. This process is repeated 2,760 times until an image, measuring up to 785 x 610mm (31 x 24 inches), is completed. 

The Skittle Pixel8r an incredible build, and perhaps we could see it expanded even further to not just dispense, but also sort Skittles as an all-in-one auto art installation! Code and files for the project can be found here.


4 Responses to “This machine creates images using Skittles as pixels”

  1. Death_Pacito6 Says:

    wow, that’s so cool

  2. Jroobi Says:

    THIS, is modern art!

  3. Rolliebuck Says:

    Very creative idea.
    Impressive imagination!
    Really a cool device.

  4. Master_Aar Says:

    I can see that some of the skittles aren’t perfectly lined up… it would probably work better with something like gobstoppers which are spherical.

    That said, this is an amazing project and is otherwise perfect!

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