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Smart motorcycle helmet lighting follows your signals

Arduino TeamJune 28th, 2019

As a motorcyclist, it’s important to be seen at all times. To help improve his visibility while on the road, Adnan Khan decided to outfit his helmet with a brake light and turn signals that activate along with the bike’s built-in indicators.

The video below shows how it was made, using an Arduino Uno onboard the motorcycle, plus a Nano embedded in the headgear. A pair of nRF24L01 transceivers enable the two Arduinos to communicate wirelessly, and three TIP122 transistors control the lighting directly for sufficient power output.

Although a neat concept, be sure that you don’t compromise your helmet’s structural integrity or legality if you try something similar! Code is available in the video’s description.


6 Responses to “Smart motorcycle helmet lighting follows your signals”

  1. Sturke Says:

    As a safety conscious older rider of motorcycles, I love this idea. I also dabble in IOT, so I’ll definitely look into this. Great idea!

  2. christinahannon Says:

    Mand this idea Awsome

  3. gilguerra_123 Says:

    Great idea! Congratulations for your project! Surely it will increase your safety a lot!

  4. wacathielen Says:

    Good idea it would be fitted as standard in every helmet

  5. Ainul Says:

    I built your project and it works 100% right, the left and brake lights follow the signals from the motorcycle .. I have a question for you, what method do you use to pull the logic high from the transmitter? pulldown or pullup because I tried the pulldown method and it works and is stable if the motorbike doesn’t start but if I start the motorbike and increase the signal speed of the transmitter disconnected .. the resistor between Gnd and the arduino pin is 10k and I add 10k before Vcc .. please give me enlightenment.. sorry for my bad english

  6. daniel_iqmal Says:

    Can i get the schematic diagram and the code for this project

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