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Ingenious marble clock runs on Arduino

Arduino TeamAugust 1st, 2018

Arduino boards and custom clock builds seem to be a great match, as illustrated by Görkem Bozkurt’s recent project. 

His 3D-printed marble clock uses a stepper-driven gear mechanism to lift 11mm steel spheres to the device’s top chute. The spheres then roll down to a five-minute rail, which empties when filled and transfers a single marble to another minute rail, graduated in five-minute increments up to 60. This then fills the hour rail in a similar process, letting you tell the time of day, or simply be mesmerized by its movement.

The main gear mechanism is powered by a small stepper motor, controlled by an Arduino Uno for timekeeping.

If you’d like to build your own, code is available on Bozkurt’s write-up, as well as the needed print files.


5 Responses to “Ingenious marble clock runs on Arduino”

  1. Simuz Says:

    Simply great! Congratulation!

  2. LeeDuc Says:

    Very interesting and originative .

  3. Jlamartine4 Says:

    Excelente projeto, nos dá a sensaçãode que o tempo passa mais devagar!

  4. BnTie Says:

    May I feature this on my website?

  5. 45gfg9 Says:

    This is freaking awesome!

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