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Light painting rig is a masterpiece of artistic hardware hacking

Arduino TeamJuly 30th, 2018

Light painting is an art form where dark areas are selectively lit to form interesting effects. While normally a manual operation, Josh Sheldon has come up with a rig to automate and enhance the process. The results are nothing short of spectacular, producing not static images, but astonishing animated light displays.

His device resembles a 3D printer made out of aluminum extrusion. X,Y, and Z axes are controlled by a series of stepper motors, but it uses a point of controlled light instead of melted plastic to form shapes. 

Light animations are set up in Blender, and a hardware and software toolchain including Processing, an Arduino Mega, and a Dragonframe module are implemented for control.

Check out the whole story in the video below, or see code/build documentation are available on GitHub.


2 Responses to “Light painting rig is a masterpiece of artistic hardware hacking”

  1. Master_Aar Says:

    That’s amazing! I love the animations!

  2. liuny Says:

    I wish I could do that but I can’t:(

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